LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 10 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 10 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 For both men and women, as a school: COED

5 "Now!" letters: ASAP

9 White vin: BLANC

14 Jason's ship: ARGO

15 Southwest tableland: MESA

16 Piece between steps: RISER

17 Smokes, for short: CIGS

18 Nerve impulse carrier: AXON

19 In tune: ONKEY

20 One on a dean's list: HONORSTUDENT

23 Eclectic musician Brian: ENO

24 Put mileage on: USE

25 Wood-shaping tool: ADZ

26 __-relief: BAS

29 Imperfection related to an inherited disorder: GENETICDEFECT

33 Word after ink or knee: PAD

34 Small island: CAY

35 Horne of jazz: LENA

36 Help for a small climber: BOOST

39 Electrical unit: OHM

40 Civil War sword: SABER

41 "Well, start talking": OKGO

42 __-Caps: SNO

43 Agnus __: DEI

44 "The Third Man" or "Double Indemnity": FILMNOIRTITLE

48 Service charge: FEE

49 "Mr. Blue Sky" rock gp.: ELO

50 Many times o'er: OFT

51 Old horse: NAG

54 Parliamentary rules violation ... or what each circled-letter quartet represents? POINTOFORDER

57 MD meeting an ambulance: ERDOC

60 Parcel (out): DOLE

61 Subtle glow: AURA

62 Safari heavyweight: RHINO

63 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

64 Bearded flower: IRIS

65 Seth who played Wozniak in "Steve Jobs": ROGEN

66 Feline feet: PAWS

67 __-dish pizza: DEEP


1 Hidden supply: CACHE

2 Mythological night-sky hunter: ORION

3 Christmas drink: EGGNOG

4 "I can only __ much": DOSO

5 Piled up: AMASSED

6 Hockey team on the ice, e.g.: SEXTET

7 Not worth __: ASOU

8 Way to watch bamboo-munching zoo bears: PANDACAM

9 Medal metal: BRONZE

10 Dryer fluff: LINT

11 Set a price of: ASK

12 French word in bridal bios: NEE

13 Call out: CRY

21 Prepare to tackle: RUNAT

22 Whirling current: EDDY

26 U.K. network, with "the": BEEB

27 Clearasil target: ACNE

28 Oater badge shape: STAR

30 English derby site: EPSOM

31 Blood of the gods: ICHOR

32 Swing willy-nilly: FLAIL

36 Broadway hit, in slang: BOFF

37 "__ from Muskogee": Merle Haggard song: OKIE

38 Eye rudely: OGLE

39 Potato chip go-with: ONIONDIP

40 Scuffle: SETTO

42 ƒtudes, typically: SOLI

43 Feels otherwise: DIFFERS

45 Recent rightist: NEOCON

46 Like pitches that bounce in the dirt: TOOLOW

47 Last: ENDURE

52 Cliffside abode: AERIE

53 Fully comprehend: GRASP

54 Corn bread: PONE

55 Draped Roman garment: TOGA

56 Sudden attack: RAID

57 Go wrong: ERR

58 Letter after pi: RHO

59 Project for an archaeologist: DIG

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