LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 10 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 10 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gets ready for vacation: PACKS

6 Initialed, perhaps: OKED

10 Turkish title of honor: AGHA

14 Before-bed read: EBOOK

15 After curfew: LATE

16 Boy friends: BROS

17 Entr┼Że with a sweet glaze: CANDIEDHAM

19 Reply to "Shall we?": LETS

20 __ Minor: ASIA

21 Indian princess: RANI

22 Grand, moneywise: GEE

23 Making out: NECKING

25 Do-it-yourself manual phrase: LEARNTO

29 Baby blues, e.g.: PEEPERS

31 __ & Perrins steak sauce: LEA

32 Make the grade? PASS

35 Country with the highest and lowest points in the W. Hemisphere: ARG

36 Like cranberry juice: TART

37 Breaks found on rows 3, 5, 11 and 13 of this puzzle? INTERMISSIONS

41 Senate staffer: PAGE

42 Attila follower: HUN

43 Lymph __: NODE

44 Switch ups? ONS

45 Old dinero: PESETAS

48 River under the Arlington Memorial Bridge: POTOMAC

50 "Don't miss it!": BETHERE

55 ER workers: RNS

56 Animal house: LAIR

58 Rink jump: AXEL

59 Unintended ink, maybe: BLOT

61 Sanrio character with a red bow: HELLOKITTY

63 Car with a bar: LIMO

64 H.S. subject: BIOL

65 Cajun pods: OKRAS

66 Cookbook abbr.: TBSP

67 Binary code digits: ONES

68 Bill Parcells' real first name: DUANE


1 Pie choice: PECAN

2 Humble: ABASE

3 Like megaphones: CONIC

4 Company that coined a photographic "moment": KODAK

5 Compete in a biathlon: SKI

6 Time of one's life: OLDAGE

7 Actress Madeline: KAHN

8 Amazon and Etsy: ETAILERS

9 AOC, for one: DEM

10 More competent: ABLER

11 Home of Thule Air Base, the U.S. Air Force's northernmost: GREENLAND

12 In great demand: HOT

13 Donkey: ASS

18 Sea eagle: ERNE

22 Fun time: GAS

24 __ dixit: assertion without proof: IPSE

26 Units of energy: ERGS

27 Laconic: TERSE

28 Cheerios grain: OAT

30 Revolutionary pamphleteer: PAINE

32 John's instrument: PIANO

33 Light-wave units: ANGSTROMS

34 Sault __ Marie: STE

36 "__ bad!": TOO

38 Flightless bird: RHEA

39 Intrude (on): MUSCLEIN

40 Research ctr.: INST

41 Soda: POP

45 Some govt. leaders: PMS

46 Govt. notes: TBILLS

47 Aviation prefix: AERO

49 Good way to go out: ONTOP

51 Short verse: HAIKU

52 More than needed: EXTRA

53 Cure again, as leather: RETAN

54 "Family Ties" mom: ELYSE

57 Skin cream additive: ALOE

59 Club alternative: BLT

60 Ad-__: LIB

61 "Big Little Lies" network: HBO

62 Decked in a ring: KOD

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