LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 10 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 10 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Musical collectible: ALBUM

6 Wit: CARD

10 Cut: SLIT

14 Trunk with a chest: TORSO

15 Mind: OBEY

16 Is gentle with: PATS

17 Denny who founded the Moody Blues and Wings: LAINE

18 Deception at a dog show? ROVERRUSE

20 With 21-Across, odds follower: AND

21 See 20-Across: ENDS

22 Highest unstriped pool ball: EIGHT

23 Top-shelf whiskey? REGALRYE

26 Washes up: BATHES

27 Samsa of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis": GREGOR

28 Roll in the grass: SOD

29 Steamed state: IRE

30 Perfume compound: ESTER

31 Tees, say: TOPS

33 Video game letters: NES

34 Food staple storage areas? RICERACKS

38 Blame: RAP

41 Wranglers rival: LEES

42 Big name in health care: AETNA

46 Ambient music pioneer Brian: ENO

47 It might be sticky: BUN

48 Bordeaux wine: CLARET

49 Classic light provider: CANDLE

51 Unexpected lopsided victory? RAREROUT

53 "Star Wars" name: ARTOO

54 Fishing boat: DORY

55 Wireless standard initials: LTE

56 Cartoon canine whose speech patterns inspired four puzzle answers: SCOOBYDOO

58 Youngest French Open champ: SELES

60 Superhero with a hammer: THOR

61 Has something: EATS

62 "At the Movies" co-host: EBERT

63 Dict. entries: SYNS

64 Where Cisco has no "i," briefly: NYSE

65 Vast chasm: ABYSS


1 Loose: ATLARGE

2 Auto repair perks: LOANERS

3 One of the Fondas: BRIDGET

4 "Top Gun" org.: USN

5 Homer's bartender: MOE

6 ClichŽd: CORNY

7 Quarters: ABODE

8 Guns: REVS

9 Salon supply: DYE

10 Diagonal sail extender: SPRIT

11 '60s-'70s show with a Joke Wall, familiarly: LAUGHIN

12 "The parcel has arrived": ITSHERE

13 African pests: TSETSES

19 __ lips: READ

21 Blunder: ERR

24 New __: AGER

25 Loughlin of "Full House": LORI

26 Pear variety: BOSC

28 Getaway spots: SPAS

31 Many a "Buffy" character: TEEN

32 Vein contents: ORE

35 Solving aid: CLUE

36 Trendy kind of chips: KALE

37 Lightly burn: SEAR

38 Replaces actors for: RECASTS

39 Lawlessness: ANARCHY

40 What may float your boat: PONTOON

43 Transport on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood": TROLLEY

44 Fixes, in a way: NEUTERS

45 Certifies: ATTESTS

47 Oozy horror film menace, with "the": BLOB

48 Shout: CRY

50 Metaphorical opportunities: DOORS

51 Underground network: ROOTS

52 Turned up: AROSE

54 WWII turning point: DDAY

57 Strong desire: YEN

58 Watery expanse: SEA

59 Point of decline: EBB

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