LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's happening now: APRIL

6 Controversial reading: PALM

10 Circumstance partner: POMP

14 Brain center associated with speech: BROCASAREA

16 '60s pop singer Sands: EVIE

17 Borders of old, e.g.: BOOKSELLER

18 First name in jazz: LENA

19 Abbr. on an invoice: AMT

20 Tech boss: CIO

21 Relating to the arrangement of atoms in space: STERIC

23 Mealtime alert: SOUPSON

26 Magic competition? NBAGAME

27 Give rise to: SPAWN

28 Rap's "Puffy" Combs: SEAN

29 Head of Parliament? LOO

30 '40s-'50s paranoia: REDSCARE

32 Bud's bud: LOU

33 Judge in stripes: ZEBRA

36 Anago or unagi: EEL

37 "__ that been done?": HASNT

39 2019 Uber landmark, briefly: IPO

40 Brought under control: REINEDIN

43 Soup sometimes served with banh mi: PHO

44 Eastern brew: SAKE

45 Bass-baritone Simon: ESTES

48 "Time to move on": LETITGO

50 Co-star of Cox and Kudrow: ANISTON

52 "No worries": IMCOOL

53 Behave: ACT

54 Co-star of Ethan in "Gattaca": UMA

55 Without rocks: NEAT

56 Mexican fare: ENCHILADAS

60 "Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died" writer Bombeck: ERMA

61 Latin American fare: TELENOVELA

62 Enervates: SAPS

63 Certain farm, or one of its residents: STUD

64 Pesto ingredient: BASIL


1 Arafat's successor: ABBAS

2 Ads, e.g.: PROMOS

3 Pull from the ground, in Plymouth: ROOTUP

4 Disgusted remark: ICK

5 Much of "Deck the Halls": LAS

6 "The Python Years" diarist: PALIN

7 Janis' comics mate: ARLO

8 Casual brand: LEE

9 Milky Way cousin: MARSBAR

10 Crony of Captain Bildad, in "Moby-Dick": PELEG

11 Construction sight: OVERALLS

12 Quick getaway for newlyweds: MINIMOON

13 Hipster's "Later": PEACEOUT

15 Vote to support: SECOND

22 "Between the World and Me" National Book Award winner Coates: TANEHISI

24 Henry VIII's sixth: PARR

25 Affirms: SWEARSTO

26 Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

28 Director's unit: SCENE

31 Quartz watch innovator: SEIKO

33 Rainforest explorers' aids: ZIPLINES

34 Transient things: EPHEMERA

35 Military training site: BOOTCAMP

38 Red stingers: ANTS

41 Bald babies? EAGLETS

42 Most of a tooth: DENTIN

46 Liszt's "Paganini __": ETUDES

47 Mogadishu native: SOMALI

49 Little bits: IOTAS

50 Needed a massage: ACHED

51 Like "m" or "n," phonetically: NASAL

53 Org. co-founded by Helen Keller: ACLU

57 Surfer's setting: NET

58 Alley-oop pass: LOB

59 Actress Gardner: AVA

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