LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Light songs: LILTS

6 "East of Eden" director Kazan: ELIA

10 Commercials: ADS

13 Surrounded by: AMIDST

19 Ancient Greek theater: ODEON

20 Like marathons: LONG

21 Japanese drama: NOH

22 It's against the motion: NOVOTE

23 Law firm standout: LEGALEAGLE

25 Stay afloat, in a way: TREADWATER

27 "Dream on!": ASIF

28 Rabbit predators: STOATS

30 Clerical vestments: ALBS

31 Warm, in a game: NEAR

32 Acts disrespectfully toward: SASSES

34 Obtain by trickery: WANGLE

36 Like Joel Goodson's business, in a 1983 film: RISKY

37 Respectful greeting: SALUTE

39 Egg cells: OVA

40 Fits to __: ATEE

42 Near-perfect bridge feat: SMALLSLAM

46 South American shocker: ELECTRICEEL

52 Affect: GETTO

53 Live for evil, say? ANAGRAM

55 Back: ENDORSE

56 Half a fly: TSE

57 Daisylike bloom: ASTER

58 __ school: MED

60 Dialogue-stopping button? MUTE

61 "All That Jazz" director: FOSSE

63 Fire remnant: EMBER

66 Piano's soft pedal, for one: DAMPER

68 Future educator's goal: TEACHINGCERTIFICATE

72 Wrap in a bandage: SWATHE

73 Tennis star Osaka: NAOMI

74 Brings (out): TROTS

75 Bakery buy: TART

76 Hang (around), as with a friend: PAL

77 City on the Po: TURIN

79 Likely: APT

82 Out with permission, maybe: ONLEAVE

85 Put on a jury: EMPANEL

88 Actress Cornish of "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri": ABBIE

90 Vietnam War defoliant: AGENTORANGE

92 Bonneville racing venue: SALTFLATS

94 Einstein's "m": MASS

95 B&O and Reading: RRS

97 Places to hang: HAUNTS

98 Office alerts: MEMOS

102 Beginning: OUTSET

104 Got the point? SCORED

106 "Your turn": OVER

107 Part of A.D.: ANNO

108 Liquid transfer device: SIPHON

110 More than simmer: BOIL

113 Did a flower garden task: DEADHEADED

116 Tennis umpire's order after odd-numbered games ... and a hint to the two sets of circled letters in each of eight answers: CHANGEENDS

118 Ingratiate: ENDEAR

119 Holiday that marks the end of Ramadan: EID

120 Highland wear: KILT

121 Cold shower? SLEET

122 Catering supply: STERNO

123 Some "ER" roles: RNS

124 Toy with runners: SLED

125 Father-and-son actors: ALDAS


1 "Copacabana" showgirl: LOLA

2 Bad day for Caesar: IDES

3 Lay down the law: LEGISLATE

4 Excessively: TOAFAULT

5 NBC weekend fixture, briefly: SNL

6 Carry away: ELATE

7 Corporate symbols: LOGOS

8 Attending USC, e.g.: INLA

9 Terrible time? AGETWO

10 Probably not a good sign at a picnic: ANT

11 Tight headgear: DORAG

12 Trounce: SHELLAC

13 Words in some pop group names: ANDS

14 Do a yard job: MOW

15 14th-century Russian ruler: IVANI

16 Heaps affection (on): DOTES

17 Swordfish __: STEAK

18 Absorbent fabric: TERRY

24 Word containing three of itself: ESSES

26 Helped plan a job, maybe: ABETTED

29 Penny attachment: SAVER

33 D-Day French city: STLO

35 "The Lion King" lion: NALA

36 "Criminal Minds" agent played by Matthew Gray Gubler: REID

37 Marines NCO: SSGT

38 Double agent Aldrich: AMES

41 Coastal flier: ERN

43 Delhi dairy drink: LASSI

44 Feeler: ANTENNA

45 Author Rita __ Brown: MAE

47 Irish nationalist Robert: EMMET

48 Symbols in some pop group names: COMMAS

49 Blow: ERUPT

50 Perfume name: ESTEE

51 Bad look: LEER

54 Artist El __: GRECO

57 "A Hard Road to Glory" author: ASHE

59 Asmara is its capital: ERITREA

61 Make stout: FATTEN

62 Perth protest: OCH

64 Dues payer: Abbr.: MEM

65 Big name in water filters: BRITA

66 "My Heart Will Go On" singer: DION

67 Appear: ACT

68 Country music sound: TWANG

69 Country rocker Steve: EARLE

70 Ancient Greek medical researcher: GALEN

71 Luxury: FRILL

72 Ancient colonnade: STOA

76 Author's assumed character: PERSONA

78 Young __: UNS

79 Left, as a sinking ship: ABANDONED

80 Big East team: PITT

81 Nickname for Esther: TESS

83 24-hr. conveniences: ATMS

84 U.S. govt. broadcaster: VOA

86 Ballpark figs.: MGRS

87 1994 Peace co-Nobelist: PERES

88 Way off: AFAR

89 Flower named for its color and shape: BLUEBELL

91 In pieces: ASUNDER

93 Flip-flop: THONG

96 Proverbial bone breakers: STICKS

98 Manners: MODES

99 Olympics segment: EVENT

100 Maryland's Fort __: MEADE

101 Court command: ORDER

103 Wheel alignment: TOEIN

104 __ oil: SHALE

105 Page-bottom abbr.: CONTD

107 Sleek, for short: AERO

109 PGA rival of Tiger: PHIL

111 Brainstorm: IDEA

112 D-Day craft: LSTS

114 Chewie's pal: HAN

115 Drill wielder: Abbr.: DDS

117 Spanish "that": ESA

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