LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 11 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Welcome site: MAT

4 One may be nervous: TIC

7 Best of the best: ALLSTAR

14 It hasn't been analyzed yet: RAWDATA

16 Lottery winner's comment: LUCKYME

17 Shutterbug: SHOOTER

18 Fireplace fixture: ANDIRON

19 Like a vertebral region: LUMBAR

21 Meddle, with "around": NOSE

22 Biblical songs: PSALMS

25 Splotchy garment: SMOCK

27 Calendar abbr.: APR

28 Blow: MISDO

29 Suffix with star or tsar: DOM

32 Flimsy: LAME

33 U.K. fliers: RAF

34 Bearish? URSINE

36 Twists: IRONIES

38 Couple in the news each December: CLAUSES

39 Like tennis rackets: STRUNG

40 Color property: HUE

41 They go with guys: GALS

42 Stable diet: HAY

43 Item from a mill? RUMOR

45 Singer/songwriter Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

46 Secure, as a ship's line: BELAY

47 Rascals: SCAMPS

49 Hook's right hand: SMEE

52 Intensify: RAMPUP

54 Seven-piece Chinese puzzle: TANGRAM

56 Stud location: EARLOBE

60 Shakespearean merchant: ANTONIO

61 Like some baseball pitches ... and a hint to locating the second part of four three-part puzzle answers: SIDEARM

62 Unified whole: GESTALT

63 To some degree: ANY

64 Upsilon preceder: TAU


1 Dash or Doubtfire: MRS

2 Sound of relief: AAH

3 Number missing, in a way, from "4 = 16": TWO

4 Ryan's daughter: TATUM

5 Chairperson's list: ITEMS

6 Energy food component: CARB

7 Snooze buttons stop them: ALARMS

8 The Eagle, for one: LUN

9 PC screen type: LCD

10 Lizard that can shed its tail: SKINK

11 Pro's opposite: TYRO

12 Book after Joel: AMOS

13 Actor Auberjonois: RENE

15 McDonald's offering for tight budgets: DOLL

20 "Dream on!": ASIF

22 Lacking color: PALISH

23 Athens rival: SPARTA

24 Weapons source: ARMORY

26 "Downton Abbey" countess: CORA

28 Uno __: Juan's "one more": MAS

29 Captivate: DISARM

30 A quarter mile, maybe: ONELAP

31 Cans of worms: MESSES

33 Post office standard: REGUL

35 Syrup source: SUG

37 Memo opener: INRE

38 Lowlife: CUR

40 Georgetown cager: HOYA

44 Critter in the same family as chipmunks and squirrels: MARMOT

46 Conceived: BEGOT

47 New World colonizer: SPAIN

48 Like Miss Muffet's fare: CURDY

49 Guys-only: STAG

50 Locks in a barn: MANE

51 Tolkien race: ENTS

53 Tableland: MESA

55 Genetic messenger: RNA

57 Muffin choice: OAT

58 Top at the shore: BRA

59 Outback runner: EMU

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