LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Overnight portmanteau: MOTEL

6 Virtual video game characters: SIMS

10 Earn: MAKE

14 Northeast speedster: ACELA

15 Cookie with a Red Velvet limited edition: OREO

16 Gobi location: ASIA

17 *Popular display after Thanksgiving: CHRISTMASLIGHTS

20 Word that can be possessive or objective: HER

21 __ moment: AHA

22 Easiest to kick back in: HOMIEST

23 Sci-fi zappers: RAYGUNS

26 "You've got mail" ISP: AOL

27 *Jewelry-themed treat: CANDYNECKLACE

32 5-Down attribute: AROMA

34 Have: EAT

35 Common quote "source": Abbr.: ANON

36 Dirt road feature: RUT

37 Sty guys: BOARS

39 Ecstatic shout: YAY

40 Negative start: ANTI

42 Torah holder: ARK

43 Cabbage or cheddar: MOOLA

45 *Fortuneteller's entrance item: BEADEDCURTAIN

49 Walgreens rival: CVS

50 Highly intelligent dogs: POODLES

52 Vacuum challenge: PETHAIR

56 Strummed strings: UKE

57 Petting zoo bird: EMU

59 Chamber groups ... and the answers to starred clues? STRINGENSEMBLES

62 "That's enough!": STOP

63 Cub pickup spot: NAPE

64 Market path: AISLE

65 They may be fake: TANS

66 Agile: SPRY

67 Caroler's selections: NOELS


1 Eponymous physicist Ernst __: MACH

2 Autumn tone: OCHER

3 Color that literally means "baked earth": TERRACOTTA

4 He's "coming," in a Laura Nyro song: ELI

5 Layered entrée: LASAGNA

6 Quite a lot of: SOMANY

7 Golden yrs. fund: IRA

8 Netting: MESH

9 One-person shows: SOLOACTS

10 Gorilla of '60s cartoons: MAGILLA

11 Queens stadium namesake: ASHE

12 Hobbyists' purchases: KITS

13 Right on the map: EAST

18 Floor-hitting sound: THUD

19 Reassurance heard after a crash from another room: IMOK

24 November tuber: YAM

25 Prepare to surprise, with "on": SNEAKUP

28 Shape of orecchiette pasta: EAR

29 "Last chance to speak up!": ANYONEELSE

30 Out-of-favor power source: COAL

31 "Orinoco Flow" singer: ENYA

32 Speedy steed: ARAB

33 Mystical video game symbol: RUNE

37 Dark clouds, say: BADSIGNS

38 Tolkien villain: ORC

41 Implanted tracking devices, briefly: IDCHIPS

43 Guy who's set for life: MADEMAN

44 Olive extract: OIL

46 "Dear __ Hansen": Tony Award-winning musical: EVAN

47 Wrestler Ronda: ROUSEY

48 Joint puff: TOKE

51 One of the senses: SMELL

52 Whispered call: PSST

53 James with soul: ETTA

54 2010 sci-fi sequel subtitled "Legacy": TRON

55 Collect, as rewards: REAP

58 Trades on: USES

60 D.C.-based airwaves org.: NPR

61 Twitter profile info: BIO

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