LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 11 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "That's a __": SHAME

6 Brie-ripening agent: BACTERIA

14 SASEs, e.g.: ENCS

18 Skulking milieu, with "the": SHADOWS

20 Considering identical: EQUATING

21 Aviation prefix: AEIO

22 Candy served on a corporate blimp? GOODYEARGUMDROPS

24 "Better Call ___": SAUL

25 Fine netting: TULLE

26 Discipline that often emphasizes breathing: YOGA

27 LAX report: ETA

28 "Rigoletto" composer: VERDI

29 Uses a rudder: STEERS

31 "Say it soft and it's almost like praying" song: MARIA

34 "Success!": IMADEIT

36 Often censored musical groups? SWEARINGBANDS

40 Former NBA exec Jackson: STU

41 Network with its HQ in Ottawa: CBC

44 Very long time: EON

45 City on the Ohio and Erie Canal: AKRON

46 Put into words: STATED

48 Harvest units: SHEAVES

50 Airline with blue-striped jets: ELAL

52 Get bluffed out, say: LOSE

53 Biblical landing site: ARARAT

54 __ agent: SECRET

58 Disengaged: ALOOF

61 Element #5: BORON

62 Quotable late athlete: BERRA

63 "In spades!": ISITEVER

66 Label for the Swedish duo Roxette: EMI

67 Rather uninspired cocktail? DREARYMARTINI

71 Suffix with concert: INO

72 Prom limo, e.g.: RENTACAR

74 Alberto VO5 competitor: BRECK

75 Barcelona bar fare: TAPAS

77 Fancy dos: GALAS

78 Rusty nail liquor: SCOTCH

80 Ancient warship with two decks of oars: BIREME

81 Connect with the space station: DOCK

83 Eucalyptus, for one: TREE

85 Bucket list list: DESIRES

86 Ready to mate: INHEAT

89 2005 "Survivor" island: PALAU

92 Nemo's realm: SEA

93 High-speed letters: DSL

94 Stroke from Venus? ACE

95 What happens at the southern terminus of Interstate 65? MOBILEAPPEARS

99 Relevant: GERMANE

101 Iraqi port: BASRA

102 Fluid transfer tool: SIPHON

107 Jones with nine Grammys: NORAH

108 Ring legend: ALI

111 Italian man: UOMO

113 Sycophant: TOADY

114 "Amores" author: OVID

115 Pair of lustrous Kleenex? TWOPEARLYTISSUES

119 Oracle: SEER

120 Thwart bigtime: SABOTAGE

121 Take umbrage: BRISTLE

122 Celtic language: ERSE

123 Landscape ruiners: EYESORES

124 Prepare for a dubbing: KNEEL


1 Make oneself heard: SHOUT

2 Oahu outsider: HAOLE

3 Confuse: ADDLE

4 Press secretary under LBJ: MOYERS

5 Pastoral parent: EWE

6 Nonchooser? BEGGAR

7 Some tanks: AQUARIA

8 Magna __ laude: CUM

9 Little bit: TAD

10 French 101 infinitive: ETIE

11 Card relative? RIOT

12 Hurting: INPAIN

13 Power players in state law: Abbr.: AGS

14 Brought slowly (into): EASED

15 First asp most likely to bite when the group is disturbed? NEARESTOFVIPERS

16 Bite-size veggies: CRUDITES

17 What loners seek: SOLITUDE

18 Snorkel and his peers: Abbr.: SGTS

19 "As I'm thinking about it ... ": SAY

23 Like 114-Across: ROMAN

28 Sprawling: VAST

30 "I like that!": SWEET

32 It's held in a pen: INK

33 Share an opinion: AGREE

35 OR personnel: MDS

37 Dawn goddess: EOS

38 Head for the hills: BOLT

39 Tokyo-based airline: ANA

41 Auto design element: CHROME

42 How sundaes are often served? BEARINGCHERRIES

43 LBJ biographer Robert __: CARO

47 Natural emollient: ALOE

48 Napoleonic Wars weapon: SABER

49 Property destroyer: VANDAL

51 Ophthalmologist's procedure: LASIK

54 Cook, as scallops: SEAR

55 Make the wrong move: ERR

56 Overreact to spilt milk: CRY

57 Film series Vietnam veteran: RAMBO

59 Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer: LIN

60 Canal problem? OTITIS

62 Creature: BEAST

63 Bite result, often: ITCH

64 Cookware coating: ENAMEL

65 Gift from a lover: ROSES

68 45 rpm record pioneer: RCA

69 Busts and such: ART

70 __ room: REC

73 Receipts: TAKE

76 Parched: ARID

78 Salmon predator: SEAL

79 "E! News" subject: CELEB

80 Salmon predators: BEARS

81 Evaluate symptoms: DIAGNOSE

82 Superficial look: ONCEOVER

84 Venerable N.Y. tech school: RPI

85 Busting org.: DEA

87 Eastern nursemaid: AMAH

88 Cargo measure: TON

90 Gp. following gas prices: AAA

91 Rapid increase: UPSURGE

92 Of ill repute: SEAMY

96 Leave town for a bit: BEAWAY

97 "1984" working class: PROLES

98 Audits a course, say: SITSIN

100 Familia member: MADRE

103 Western sheriff's aid: POSSE

104 __ cuisine: HAUTE

105 1961 Newbery Medal winner Scott __: ODELL

106 Where KO means Coca-Cola: NYSE

109 Brain segment: LOBE

110 106-Down debuts: IPOS

112 Gambling option in many sts.: OTB

115 "The Waste Land" monogram: TSE

116 DDE's command: ETO

117 River within Switzerland: AAR

118 Drive up the wall: IRK

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