LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 11 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Super silly: WACKO

6 Gum balls, e.g.: WADS

10 Surgery memento: SCAR

14 "Once more!": AGAIN

15 MLB family name: ALOU

16 Voice mail signal: TONE

17 Result of overexposure in the field? FARMERSTAN

19 "Yeah, that'll never happen": UMNO

20 Actress Mendes: EVA

21 Brewpub orders: IPAS

22 Fencing blades: EPEES

23 Blitz by a linebacker: REDDOG

26 Ill-fated Ford: EDSEL

28 Result of carelessness in a locker room? ATHLETESFOOT

33 Hot rod: DRAGSTER

36 Cellist with multiple Grammys: YOYOMA

37 Sales pro: REP

38 Picks from a lineup: IDS

40 Champagne label word: SEC

41 Sighing contentedly: AAHING

45 Salve: OINTMENT

49 Result of excessive practice in calligraphy class? WRITERSCRAMP

51 Cloud, as of gnats: SWARM

52 Title Mozart valet who married Susanna: FIGARO

56 "__ Health": Quiet Riot album: METAL

58 Hops hot spot: OAST

61 Laundry hamper: BIN

62 Greek Cupid: EROS

63 Occupational concerns such as 17-, 28- and 49-Across: JOBHAZARDS

66 Balmy: WARM

67 Free speech org.: ACLU

68 Sampler wisdom: ADAGE

69 Eyelid irritation: STYE

70 "That's enough": WHEN

71 Dancer cohort: COMET


1 Thin cookie: WAFER

2 Tequila plant: AGAVE

3 Spot for a Mercedes: CARAD

4 Second-oldest Kardashian sister: KIM

5 Formula __ auto racing: ONE

6 Winged stinger: WASP

7 Ski resort near Snowbird: ALTA

8 Complete one exercise segment: DOASET

9 Space heater? SUN

10 Utterly shock: STUPEFY

11 Grow slack, as a poorly tied knot: COMELOOSE

12 Novelist Tyler: ANNE

13 Classic autos: REOS

18 "Correctomundo!": RIGHT

22 Standard Oil brand: ESSO

24 Former U.N. leader Hammarskjšld: DAG

25 NFL periods forced by ties: OTS

27 Susan of "L.A. Law": DEY

29 Hawaiian garland: LEI

30 Triage MD: ERDOC

31 Portent: OMEN

32 Diplomat's need: TACT

33 "Do I need to __ you a map?": DRAW

34 Fanny: REAR

35 Difficult H.S. class covering U.S. or world events: APHISTORY

39 Round Table title: SIR

42 "I'm the culprit": ITWASME

43 "Cryptonomicon" novelist Stephenson: NEAL

44 Dog's "I'm warning you!": GRR

46 '90s trade pact: NAFTA

47 "Yuck, tell someone else!": TMI

48 Fuel efficiency stat: MPG

50 Kiss: SMOOCH

53 The "A" in James A. Garfield: ABRAM

54 Narrow hilltop: RIDGE

55 Initial stage: ONSET

56 Kitty cries: MEWS

57 Middle proof word: ERAT

59 Fit: ABLE

60 Avoid like the plague: SHUN

63 Uppercut target: JAW

64 Efron of "Baywatch" (2017): ZAC

65 Hubbub: ADO

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