LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Draft sources: KEGS

5 Arabic for "commander": EMIR

9 Parts of a code: LAWS

13 Pelvic parts: ILIA

14 __ tag: NAME

15 Candied, as apples: GLACE

17 Annual assembly of breakfast lovers? WAFFLECON

19 Wee Scot: BAIRN

20 Visibly upset: INTEARS

21 Exhaust, as a welcome: OUTSTAY

23 Sci. course: BIO

24 Words with waves: HIS

25 __ Sutra: KAMA

26 Draft pick: LAGER

29 "No problem!": SURECAN

31 Playing a fifth qtr., say: INOT

32 Langston Hughes Library designer Maya: LIN

33 Melted cheese concoction: FONDUE

36 G, in the key of C: SOL

37 Bathroom fixture trial version? TESTTUB

39 9 to 5, say: Abbr.: HRS

40 Like the Inca: ANDEAN

42 Electric __: EEL

43 Marshy spots: BOGS

44 Former flier with a NY/Newark/DC/Boston shuttle: EASTERN

46 Prairie home: TEPEE

47 Tirade: RANT

49 Plural French pronoun: ILS

50 Get: SEE

51 Real asset ... or no asset at all? BIGHELP

53 Repeat: ITERATE

57 Keys: ISLES

58 Educators' concerns ... or, a phonetic hint to how four long puzzle answers were derived: ABSENTEES

60 Gruff: SHORT

61 Together, so to speak: SANE

62 Smell __: ARAT

63 Napping, perhaps: ABED

64 Natural gas additive: ODOR

65 Sit: POSE


1 Only bird whose beak has nostrils at the end: KIWI

2 Verve: ELAN

3 Talent: GIFT

4 Conservative choice: SAFEBET

5 Start of el ao: ENERO

6 Computers with Apple cores: MACS

7 Twitter shorthand: IMO

8 "Le djeuner des canotiers" painter: RENOIR

9 Pride Month letters: LGBT

10 One with a home in Nome: ALASKAN

11 Strategy for holding it while in the bathroom line? WAITANDHOP

12 Skedaddle: SCRAM

16 "Dark Sky Island" singer: ENYA

18 Den: LAIR

22 Worthwhile: USEFUL

24 Camouflage wearers, at times: HUNTERS

26 Edelstein of "The Kominsky Method": LISA

27 Quote book abbr.: ANON

28 Mess made while melting down old jewelry? GOLDENGLOB

29 Part of the fam: SIS

30 Male swan: COB

32 Soup legume: LENTIL

34 Desire: URGE

35 Latin infinitive: ESSE

37 Univ. aides: TAS

38 Pin in the back: TEN

41 Blinking diner sign: EATHERE

43 Draft source: BEERTAP

45 Sun Bowl city: ELPASO

46 __ Vogue: TEEN

47 Cleanup hitter's stats: RBIS

48 "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host Tyler: AISHA

50 Guide: STEER

52 City limits sign abbr.: ESTD

53 Money-object link: ISNO

54 Leader of space? AERO

55 Tazo products: TEAS

56 Santiago-to-Buenos Aires direccin: ESTE

59 Unenviable: BAD

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