LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some chocolate purchases: ASSORTMENTS

12 Inflation fig.: PSI

15 Purveyor of fraudulent credentials: DIPLOMAMILL

16 Bit of positivity? ION

17 Hair, in many cases: DNAEVIDENCE

18 Latin word in many academic mottos: LUX

19 Climber's rest stop: LEDGE

20 Poetic indicator of relative time: ERE

21 Juice extractor: PRESS

23 Pasture palindrome: EWE

24 Wouldn't share: BOGARTED

26 Imperious dismissal: LEAVEME

28 Surfboard damage: DING

31 Shocked big-time: APPALLED

34 Official who sings in Hebrew: CANTOR

36 Leverage provider: CROWBAR

37 Where to find "Octopus's Garden" on "Abbey Road": SIDEONE

38 Utah Jazz center Whiteside: HASSAN

39 Ran into trouble: HITASNAG

40 Shakespearean last gasp: ETTU

41 Neologists: COINERS

43 Zoom frustrations: TIMELAGS

45 __ rule: MOB

48 Love of collectibles: VIRTU

50 "__ Kapital": DAS

51 Succumbed to stage fright: FROZE

53 Brown or Rice ending: EDU

54 '90s-'00s HBO series with lots of therapy sessions: THESOPRANOS

57 Comprehend: GET

58 Impresario's contact: TALENTAGENT

59 Hibachi waste: ASH

60 Election focuses: SWINGSTATES


1 Disorient: ADDLE

2 Power cord? SINEW

3 Club relative: SPADE

4 First name in film designers: OLEG

5 Wander: ROVE

6 "Eww! Say no more!": TMI

7 Redesigned: MADEOVER

8 Popped up: EMERGED

9 Common starting hr.: NINEAM

10 "I Am Jazz" cable channel: TLC

11 Took a day to consider, with "on": SLEPT

12 Faulted to excess: PILEDITON

13 __-chef: SOUS

14 "Need You Tonight" band: INXS

22 Dermatological symptom: REDNESS

24 Yoga asset: BALANCE

25 Reels off: RECITES

26 Premise in many John Grisham novels: LAWSUIT

27 Idris of "The Jungle Book": ELBA

29 Actress Gaye of "Ali": NONA

30 Novelist Iles: GREG

31 Reason to call a chiropractor: ACHE

32 Nit, to a Brit: PRAT

33 Like a situation in which emotional persuasion trumps factual accuracy: POSTTRUTH

35 Purim month: ADAR

37 Voice used for "Humpty Dumpty," say: SINGSONG

39 Crime novelist Carl: HIAASEN

42 Yale sobriquet: OLDELI

44 Crosses at obedience school? MUTTS

45 "Rouen Cathedral" painter: MONET

46 Thinning layer: OZONE

47 Tops: BESTS

48 Chevy named for a star: VEGA

49 When: IDES

51 Alpha Phi Alpha, e.g.: FRAT

52 Sitar sequence: RAGA

55 Hem partner: HAW

56 NBA stat: PTS

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