LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Catch sight of: ESPY

5 Nudged with one's snout: NOSED

10 Come clean, with "up": FESS

14 Escape: FLEE

15 Greek marketplace: AGORA

16 Ski resort near Salt Lake City: ALTA

17 *Expensive flying option: FIRSTCLASS

19 Greenish-blue: TEAL

20 Egg: Pref.: OVI

21 Warning word often preceded by a color: ALERT

22 Scarlett of Tara: OHARA

23 Chemical reaction named for its two processes: REDOX

25 Rhoda's sister: BRENDA

26 __ of Capricorn: TROPIC

28 *Space for home projects, e.g.: WORKROOM

30 Old fast jets: SSTS

31 Augusta National signature shrub: AZALEA

33 __ Titanic: ill-fated ship: RMS

34 Of the seventh planet: URANIAN

35 Snake's sound: SSS

38 Red wine choice: MERLOT

39 Atomizer output: MIST

43 *Collaborative activity: TEAMPLAY

45 1920s-'30s "Blonde Bombshell" Jean: HARLOW

47 Let out, as fishing line: UNREEL

48 Vodka brand, familiarly: STOLI

49 Group of musical notes: CHORD

50 Lauder of makeup: ESTEE

54 Auto title ID: VIN

55 Word after King or Hong: KONG

56 *Payment method being replaced by mobile banking: PAPERCHECK

58 Impulse: URGE

59 Prepare, as Parmesan: GRATE

60 Et __: and others: ALII

61 Bridge "no bid": PASS

62 After, in French: APRES

63 Aussie pal, or what can follow each word in the answers to starred clues: MATE


1 Serious attempts: EFFORTS

2 Thin fragments: SLIVERS

3 August birthstone: PERIDOT

4 Cry of success: YES

5 Table salt, to a chemist: NACL

6 Look at rudely: OGLE

7 Skyrocket: SOAR

8 Once, once upon a time: ERST

9 Some govt. lawyers: DAS

10 Priest's title: FATHER

11 __ Roosevelt, first lady for 12 years: ELEANOR

12 Celebrity status: STARDOM

13 Respectful bows: SALAAMS

18 Curbside cry: TAXI

22 Like Mindy's alien husband: ORKAN

24 Covert missions: OPS

25 Inhalation: BREATH

27 "The Office" star Steve: CARELL

28 Without vigor: WANLY

29 Miscellany: OLIO

32 Swedish singer Larsson with the Top 20 hit "Never Forget You": ZARA

34 Called balls and strikes: UMPED

35 Snobby: STUCKUP

36 Portuguese lady: SENHORA

37 South Seas wrapped garments: SARONGS

39 "The A-Team" actor: MRT

40 Randy Newman song played at Dodger Stadium: ILOVELA

41 Formally request: SOLICIT

42 Hostess sponge cake: TWINKIE

44 Joins the flow of traffic: MERGES

46 "Just gimme __!": ASEC

50 Wild West Wyatt: EARP

51 Practice boxing: SPAR

52 A beret covers it: TETE

53 "__ Tu": 1974 hit: ERES

56 Tiger Woods' org.: PGA

57 Sandwich meat: HAM

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