LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Appreciate: VALUE

6 Goat of the Alps: IBEX

10 Fine cotton: PIMA

14 Turing and Cumming: ALANS

15 Resentful: SORE

16 Screen image: ICON

17 Security perimeter feature: POLICEROADBLOCK

20 Extraction by rescue copter, e.g.: EVAC

21 Contented sighs: AAHS

22 Helpful: OFUSE

23 Like the lawn at dawn: DEWY

24 Camping gear retailer with an #OptOutside campaign: REI

25 "Seasons in the Sun" songwriter: BREL

26 Formally begins, as a meeting: CALLSTOORDER

31 Clutch: HOLD

33 Lightkeeper's view: SEA

34 Afore: ERE

35 Successfully lured: ROPEDIN

38 High-intensity light source: ARCLAMP

41 "Much __ About Nothing": "The Simpsons" episode: APU

42 Have a good cry: SOB

44 Pocket bread: PITA

45 Navy Cross recipient, for one: MILITARYHERO

50 "Buy It Now" site: EBAY

51 Best-liked, online: FAV

52 Nearly here: NIGH

56 "That's enough!": CANIT

58 Peruse, with "over": PORE

59 __-deep: very involved: KNEE

60 Self-taught creators, in modern lingo, and a hint to each set of circles: OUTSIDERARTISTS

63 Mystery writer Gardner: ERLE

64 "The Hobbit" soldiers: ORCS

65 Starts a pot: ANTES

66 __ Inn: DAYS

67 Pool strikers: CUES

68 So-so effort, in sports: BGAME


1 Used Juul pods: VAPED

2 "__ Supreme": classic Coltrane album: ALOVE

3 Old NBC legal drama: LALAW

4 Street performer's vehicle: UNICYCLE

5 PC key: ESC

6 Holy Land nation: ISRAEL

7 ["You need new glasses, ump!"]: BOOHISS

8 Low nos. for aces: ERAS

9 Crossed (out): XED

10 Filch: PILFER

11 Lukewarm "You hungry?" reply: ICOULDEAT

12 Comfy shoes: MOCS

13 German tennis player Huber: ANKE

18 British peer: EARL

19 NYC division: BORO

25 Piglet's dad: BOAR

27 "Just __ water": ADD

28 Sun __: TEA

29 Humorist Bombeck: ERMA

30 One ab crunch, say: REP

31 Native Arizonans: HOPI

32 In a luxurious manner: OPULENTLY

35 Sheep's dad: RAM

36 Words of surprise: ISAY

37 Easter lead-in? NOR

39 EMT skill: CPR

40 Pride Rock monarch: LIONKING

43 Using coercion: BYFORCE

46 Hieroglyphics birds: IBISES

47 Filmmaker Jacques: TATI

48 Beset: HARASS

49 At any time: EVER

53 App with pics: INSTA

54 Order to a Western posse: GETEM

55 "Siddhartha" author: HESSE

56 Like dorms for men and women: COED

57 Radiance: AURA

58 Lake Titicaca is partly in it: PERU

61 MRI interpreter: DOC

62 Browser window feature: TAB

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