LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 11 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bowling alley button: RESET

6 European cheese town: EDAM

10 Puddle jumper trip: HOP

13 Wedding figure: USHER

14 ChapStick container: TUBE

15 Fix up: REDO

16 Newspaper reporter's compensation? DAILYBREAD

18 Big star: IDOL

19 "I'm with ya": YUP

20 Threatening words: ORELSE

21 Farming prefix: AGRO

22 "Wheel of Fortune" buy: ANE

23 Smooth, as transitions: SEAMLESS

25 Wise: SAPIENT

29 DOJ bureau: ATF

30 Dry as dust: ARID

31 Speaker's spot: DAIS

34 Get out of bed: ROUSE

37 "__ who?": SEZ

38 Chiropractor's compensation? BACKPAY

40 N.L. player whose home games include a Presidents Race: NAT

41 Brownish-green: HAZEL

43 Greenish-blue: TEAL

44 Some prosecutors: Abbr.: ADAS

45 "Selma" director DuVernay: AVA

46 Drops in: STOPSBY

48 Medical emergency alert: CODEBLUE

53 Baby fox: KIT

54 Soon, to a bard: ANON

55 Kibbutz setting: ISRAEL

57 Actress Thurman: UMA

60 Cooling meas.: BTUS

61 Comedian's compensation? FUNNYMONEY

63 Bass' red triangle, e.g.: LOGO

64 Moran of "Happy Days": ERIN

65 Flared dress: ALINE

66 New Testament bk.: EPH

67 German battleship Graf __: SPEE

68 Connection point: NEXUS


1 Former NYC mayor Giuliani: RUDY

2 Seesaw sitter of tongue twisters: ESAU

3 Send in a box: SHIP

4 Sushi selection: EEL

5 "Taste this": TRYONE

6 French I verb: ETRE

7 Stereotypical dawn challenges: DUELS

8 Take down a peg: ABASE

9 Scorned lover of Jason: MEDEA

10 Landscaper's compensation? HEDGEFUNDS

11 Aromas: ODORS

12 Shirts named for a sport: POLOS

15 Theater district: RIALTO

17 Lee who was the top-charting female soloist of the '60s: BRENDA

22 Helping hand: AID

24 Painter Cassatt: MARY

25 Over-the-shoulder band: SASH

26 Square statistic: AREA

27 Domino's delivery driver's compensation? PIZZADOUGH

28 Diplomatic skill: TACT

32 '50s prez: IKE

33 Health resorts: SPAS

35 Swedish automaker: SAAB

36 Internet crafts marketplace: ETSY

38 Spill the beans: BLAB

39 PC feature only used in combinations: ALTKEY

42 "All the same ... ": EVENSO

44 Fitting: APT

47 TV's J.R. Ewing, e.g.: OILMAN

48 Part of CNN: CABLE

49 Winning: ONTOP

50 "__ Been Good": Joe Walsh hit: LIFES

51 Take over: USURP

52 Bath-loving Muppet: ERNIE

56 Novelist Rice: ANNE

57 Windows alternative: UNIX

58 Drop-down list: MENU

59 Yes votes: AYES

62 Chihuahua cheer: OLE

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