LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Drill bit? MARCH

6 Sudden blow: GUST

10 '60s civil rights gp. inspired by student sit-ins: SNCC

14 Recall trigger: ECOLI

15 One singing in musical tones? ALTO

16 Ponies run in it: POLO

17 Written in mystical letters: RUNIC

18 Ghanaian flag feature: STAR

19 Micro amount: ATOM

20 Irritable sort, in slang: CRANKYPANTS

23 Even prime: TWO

24 Stadium opening? YANKEE

25 Precious person: DEARONE

27 Mickey's "Love Is Strange" singing partner: SYLVIA

30 Hoods: GOONS

31 Fricative admonishment: SHH

34 Distorts to one's advantage: SPINS

35 Clog from France: SABOT

36 Wasn't true: LIED

38 Sober: STAID

40 Govt. agency with a "meatball" logo: NASA

41 Agent concerned with spots: ADREP

43 Alternative to "start at," in pricing: ANDUP

45 Only article in a U.S. state capital name: DES

46 Key partner: PEELE

47 Looked bad? LEERED

49 __ analysis: SYSTEMS

51 Venues with games: ARENAS

55 Rap music article: THA

56 Do a surveying task: TRIANGULATE

59 Micro amount: IOTA

61 Look bad? OGLE

62 Plant name from the Arabic for "red": SUMAC

63 Film bit: CLIP

64 Las Vegas Aces' org.: WNBA

65 Put into action: EXERT

66 Was true to, as one's word: KEPT

67 Elle Woods of "Legally Blonde" got 179 on hers, briefly: LSAT

68 Lucy's husband and son: DESIS


1 Compassion: MERCY

2 Luxury auto: ACURA

3 Saoirse __, "Lady Bird" star: RONAN

4 Toasting signs: CLINKS

5 Make-out spots? HICKEYS

6 Respond to a shock: GASP

7 Beauty store chain: ULTA

8 Get out of the way: STANDASIDE

9 Dessert that just sounds wrong: TORTE

10 Ooh-and-aah site: SPA

11 Just okay: NOTTOOBAD

12 Classic hole-in-one site: CLOWNNOSE

13 JosŽ's greeting: COMOESTAS

21 Kennel chorus: YELPS

22 Dips: SAGS

26 Equine coat color: ROAN

28 Physical figures: VITALSIGNS

29 Absurd: INANE

31 Some visual humor: SLAPSTICK

32 Alternative to a wall safe: HIDEYHOLE

33 Help line: HERESATIP

37 Upper-bod muscle: DELT

39 Aid in developing hair waves: DURAG

42 Alfred of coffee fame: PEET

44 Looked over: PERUSED

48 Opposite of austere: DELUXE

50 Animated Tootsie Pop eater in ads: MROWL

52 When repeated, spills the beans: NAMES

53 Gaming biggie: ATARI

54 Splinter groups: SECTS

57 Jessica of "L.A.'s Finest": ALBA

58 Off the rocks? NEAT

60 Flat: Abbr.: APT

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