LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 11 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Singer Cyrus: MILEY

6 Captain with a whalebone leg: AHAB

10 Secretly sends an email copy to: BCCS

14 Cry of domination: IRULE

15 Sensible: SANE

16 "Well, hello there": OHHI

17 Run out of pants? LACKSLACKS

19 Dickens' Little __: NELL

20 Airport approx.: ETA

21 Vintage Ford: MODELT

22 Many a bagpiper: SCOT

23 Relaxation: REST

25 Steal tent holders? TAKESTAKES

27 Apt. units: RMS

29 XV Ö V: III

30 For a specific purpose: ADHOC

33 Remington rival: BRAUN

37 Hamilton's bill: TEN

40 Share sewing cylinders? POOLSPOOLS

42 Choose in a booth: VOTE

43 Pharmacy tablet: PILL

44 Praise Guinness products? TOUTSTOUTS

46 Benchmark: Abbr.: STD

47 Carb-loading meal: PASTA

48 Fill in for: ACTAS

49 Lap dog, briefly: POM

51 Spot with saunas: SPA

52 Discuss cornfields? TALKSTALKS

58 Kudrow of "Friends": LISA

62 Arouse, as an appetite: WHET

63 Skin care brand: AVEENO

65 Eminem genre: RAP

66 "You betcha!": YEAH

67 Cook escargots perfectly? NAILSNAILS

69 Cut with a surgical beam: LASE

70 Fish organ: GILL

71 "Fiddler" busybody: YENTE

72 Yemen's Gulf of __: ADEN

73 63-Across rival: OLAY

74 Medical pictures: XRAYS


1 Long-distance runner: MILER

2 Steaming mad: IRATE

3 "Star Wars" creator George: LUCAS

4 Yellowstone grazer: ELK

5 Polite rural assent: YESM

6 Carne __: burrito filling: ASADA

7 Czech diacritical mark: HACEK

8 Joint for a bracelet: ANKLE

9 Outdoes: BESTS

10 Tree in a tray: BONSAI

11 "Look at that!": CHECKITOUT

12 Actress Sevigny: CHLOE

13 Delta deposits: SILTS

18 A great deal: LOTS

24 Social media troublemaker: TROLL

26 Element #50: TIN

28 Mic holders: MCS

30 Phone downloads: APPS

31 "Finish that job!": DOIT

32 Polite "Hang on": HOLDPLEASE

33 Chorus for the villain: BOOS

34 Lopsided win: ROUT

35 Utah ski resort: ALTA

36 Battleship initials: USS

38 "At Last" vocalist James: ETTA

39 Loch with monster stories: NESS

41 Student advocacy gp.: PTA

42 Outspoken: VOCAL

45 One in a bar array: TAP

47 U.K. leaders: PMS

50 "In that case, fine": OKTHEN

51 Govt. IDs: SSNS

52 Choreographer Tharp: TWYLA

53 In first place: AHEAD

54 Latin ballroom dance: TANGO

55 Be useful to: AVAIL

56 Soprano role in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers": LEILA

57 Green shade with an Irish name: KELLY

59 Skater Slutskaya with two Olympic medals: IRINA

60 Like the ocean: SALTY

61 Vaulted church areas: APSES

64 Black gemstone: ONYX

68 Bubbly prefix: AER

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