LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Color similar to sand: ECRU

5 NBC show since 1975: SNL

8 Instrument played with a plectrum: GUITAR

14 Lorelei Lee's creator: LOOS

15 Middling grade: CEE

16 Con: INMATE

17 Fail at a barbecue? FLAMEOUT

19 One of the lesser apes: GIBBON

20 Star in the Plowman constellation: ARCTURUS

22 Fancy home: VILLA

23 Fail on a field? DROPTHEBALL

25 Pressure: STRESS

29 Simple partner? PURE

30 OPEC member: IRAN

31 Head lock: TRESS

33 Pop duo __ & Him: SHE

36 Fail in a ring? TAKEITONTHECHIN

40 Artist's skill: EYE

41 Like crook and creek, etymologically: NORSE

42 Nesting site: EAVE

43 One spelling a superior: Abbr.: ASST

44 Bread flavoring: GINGER

46 Fail at a dock? MISSTHEBOAT

51 Cheapen: ABASE

52 Beachgoer's protection: SUNBLOCK

56 Big name in sports caps: NEWERA

58 Fail on a dance floor? FALLFLAT

60 Competed on TV's "Ink Master": TATTED

61 Quaint word of disapproval: FIE

62 Game for which Wyatt Earp was once a dealer: FARO

63 "In the Land of Israel" author: AMOSOZ

64 Age abbr.: YRS

65 Triathlon part: SWIM


1 "The Lord of the Rings" figure: ELF

2 Roy Rogers ingredient: COLA

3 Big laugh: ROAR

4 Letters at Camp Lejeune: USMC

5 Scrubs: SCOURS

6 Introduction to chemistry? NEURO

7 Abate: LETUP

8 Band booking: GIG

9 TV's "Fringe" involved a parallel one: UNIVERSE

10 Drink: IMBIBE

11 Indian drum: TABLA

12 Bikini, for one: ATOLL

13 Kidney-related: RENAL

18 LAX listings: ETDS

21 City WNW of Boca: STPETE

24 "Pipe down!": HUSH

25 Place: SITE

26 Cafeteria item: TRAY

27 Autumn item: RAKE

28 Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.: ENE

31 Rich desserts: TORTES

32 ER staffers: RNS

33 Catch during practice: SHAG

34 Busy place: HIVE

35 Dept. formed under Carter: ENER

37 Like much FM radio: INSTEREO

38 Brit's "Baloney!": TOSH

39 100 yrs.: CEN

43 Holdings: ASSETS

44 Hawthorne title septet: GABLES

45 "__ take time": ITLL

46 Reef denizen: MANTA

47 Construction girder: IBEAM

48 Took care of: SAWTO

49 Role for Kristy and Sarah: BUFFY

50 Live, TV-wise: ONAIR

53 Rubs out: OFFS

54 Cat's scratcher: CLAW

55 Byron of "MythBusters": KARI

57 Cutting tool: ADZ

59 Brady of Tampa Bay, now: TOM

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