LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 11 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Participated in a movie gunfight, say: SHOTBLANKS

11 Symbol of purity: HALO

15 Fizzled: PETEREDOUT

16 Junket: TRIP

17 Really hot: EXTRASPICY

18 Bud: MATE

19 Passes: ENACTS

20 Getaway car driver: WHEELMAN

22 Comforter: DUVET

23 Metered lines: POESY

24 Rudder location: AFT

25 "Now!": STAT

26 "Buddenbrooks" author: MANN

27 Farm follower? EIEIO

29 Moolah: GELT

30 Pop-up producer: ADWARE

31 How many games are won: ASATEAM

35 Cuddled: SPOONED

36 Wine flavor component: TANNIN

37 Compact __: DISC

38 Jerks: TWITS

39 "No __!": DICE

40 Inventing middle name: ALVA

44 Six-pack to be proud of: ABS

45 Big name in '50s-'60s civil rights: EVERS

47 Take turns? STEER

48 Cuts to a roving reporter: GOESLIVE

50 Introductory language class: LATINI

51 Digging: INTO

52 Symbol of ancient Egypt: SACREDIBIS

54 Shipping hazard: REEF


56 Exam for some college srs.: LSAT

57 Tourist attraction: RESORTAREA


1 Radar pickups: SPEEDS

2 Threaded fastener: HEXNUT

3 Interval for Rossini: OTTAVA

4 Three-line stanza: TERCET

5 Benjamin of "Law & Order": BRATT

6 Frequency modulation word? LESS

7 Payroll service initials: ADP

8 "Forget it!": NOIWONT

9 German coffeecake: KUCHEN

10 Optical maladies: STYES

11 Webmaster's code: HTML

12 Ancient Syrian: ARAMAEAN

13 Got ready to grill: LITAFIRE

14 Displaying polish, perhaps: OPENTOED

21 Focus group member, casually? EYEDOC

23 Date provider: PALM

26 Average: MEAN

28 WWII battle site, for short: IWO

29 Theodor whose middle name was Seuss: GEISEL

30 It adjoins the altar: APSE

31 "Brava!": ATTAGIRL

32 Surgeon, slangily: SAWBONES

33 Aromatic brew: ANISETEA

34 Blaster: TNT

35 Unleashes: SICS

37 Runs: DIRECTS

39 William of "24": DEVANE

40 Fifth-century invader: ATTILA

41 Elvis Presley lyricist Jerry: LEIBER

42 __ facias: jury pool (from the Latin for "make come"): VENIRE

43 Grain bristle: ARISTA

46 Sun block: VISOR

47 '70s-'80s Egyptian president: SADAT

49 Permissive: SOFT

50 Suggestive gander: LEER

53 Letter after pi: RHO

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