LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 March 2018

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Los Angeles Times 11 March 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 11 March 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Huggers: ARMS

5 Spectrum maker: PRISM

10 "The Winner Takes It All" group: ABBA

14 React to a pop idol, perhaps: SWOON

19 Haul: LOOT

20 Fall sign: LIBRA

21 They can be calm or rough: SEAS

22 Specialized vocab: LINGO

23 Skillful adventurers? ESCAPADEARTISTS

26 When rights may be prohibited: ONRED

27 Musical clacker: CASTANET

28 Chooser's words: THATONE

30 Pro shop buys: TEES

31 Attractive pitcher: EWER

32 __ Alley, supply source in the Harry Potter universe: DIAGON

33 Effective use of lang.: RHET

35 Field for feline frolic? THECATSMEADOW

39 Neck-to-waist body armor: CUIRASS

42 Laid into: HADAT

43 Vermont tourist destinations: INNS

44 Stooges' specialty: SLAPSTICK

46 Lasting lead-in? EVER

47 __-Indian War: SINO

49 Sinus doc: ENT

50 About: INRE

51 Pro __: for now: TEM

52 Speech from a queen, maybe? PROMADDRESS

57 Recognize: READ

58 Chicken Little, memorably: ALARMIST

61 Least friendly: ICIEST

62 Diamond protector: TARP

63 Granola bar bit: OAT

64 Ocean predators: ORCAS

65 Where Tippecanoe Cty. is: IND

66 Ticket abbr.: SECT

68 Hellish: HADEAN

70 Competitions: CONTESTS

75 Savor, with "in": BASK

76 Unusually vicious nocturnal flier? SUPERBADOWL

78 Saigon holiday: TET

79 Northeast Nevada city: ELKO

80 Grand __ Opry: OLE

81 She, in Siena: ESSA

82 First name in gossip: RONA

83 "Whatever": ASIFICARE

86 __ bit: slightly: AWEE

88 One with an IRA, say: SAVER

89 Reversible fabrics: DAMASKS

90 Burned-out hillbilly? JADEDCLAMPETT

94 Jim Davis canine: ODIE

95 Name on a pricey handbag: HERMES

96 Some Ivy Leaguers: ELIS

97 Kelly of talk: RIPA

99 Dapper accessory: TIECLIP

101 Intrasemester exam: UNITTEST

105 1980s-'90s Commodore computer: AMIGA

107 Bedtime bugaboo? LATENIGHTSHADOW

109 One fit for a queen? SHEET

110 Golf selection: IRON

111 Large chamber group: NONET

112 Home repair option, briefly: REFI

113 Ad hoc hunters: POSSE

114 French 101 verb: ETRE

115 Hired hoods: GOONS

116 Sweater mishap: SNAG


1 Guinness of "Smiley's People": ALEC

2 Bill awarded her a Presidential Medal of Freedom: ROSA

3 Comfy footwear: MOCS

4 Governor's ride: STATECAR

5 Member of a noted octet: PLANET

6 They're added to bills: RIDERS

7 "Yeah, right!": IBET

8 Span. title: SRA

9 "The War of the Worlds" attacker: MARTIAN

10 Bagel cheese: ASIAGO

11 Confers (on): BESTOWS

12 It's passed in a race: BATON

13 AAA member?: Abbr.: ASSN

14 __-mo: SLO

15 Sun worshiper's seasonal harangue? WINTERTIRADE

16 How some lawyers are paid: ONRETAINER

17 Double-curve molding: OGEE

18 Auction actions: NODS

24 Play with, kitten-style: PAWAT

25 Mississippi senator Cochran and jazz trumpeter Jones: THADS

29 Lets off steam: ERUPTS

32 Luth. or Meth.: DENOM

34 __ Honor: HIS

35 Frat row letter: THETA

36 First president of the Czech Republic: HAVEL

37 Fluid buildup: EDEMA

38 North Dakota's "Magic City": MINOT

39 Art able to: CANST

40 __ metal: SCRAP

41 Brief timetable: SKED

45 Some skinny jeans: LEES

47 Roasting gadget: SPIT

48 Org. with forms: IRS


54 1983 taxi comedy: DCCAB

55 20th-century princess: DIANA

56 Hi-__ image: RES

59 Megalith inscribed with saws? ROCKOFADAGES

60 Welcoming sight: MAT

62 Blow-up aid: TNT

64 Hymn relative: ODE

65 Visiting Hollywood, say: INLA

66 Lively dance: SALSA

67 Ice cream treats: ESKIMOPIES

68 Dances with graceful gestures: HULAS

69 Mimic: APER

70 Trig ratio: COSEC

71 They're rarely heard from skilled carpenters: OWS

72 Cook's need: STOVE

73 Bit of dogma: TENET

74 "Boo!" reaction: START

75 Bit of sweat: BEAD

76 Place for a plug: SOCKET

77 Scouts do good ones: DEEDS

82 Jay-Z and others: RAPSTARS

84 "Woe __": 1996 grammar book: ISI

85 Steam engine exhaust system: EJECTOR

86 Campus bldg.: ADMIN

87 Breaking down: WEEPING

88 Worker in a forge: SMITH

91 Garfield's gal pal: ARLENE

92 Like the pre-Easter season: LENTEN

93 Elite slates: ALISTS

95 Essence: HEART

97 Gravelly sound: RASP

98 Texting qualifier: IMHO

100 '70s tennis star Nastase: ILIE

101 "Hmm ... I doubt that": UHNO

102 Churchill's 1955 successor: EDEN

103 Den piece: SOFA

104 Part of a pre-fire pile: TWIG

106 Had lunch, say: ATE

108 Gunk: GOO

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