LA Times Crossword answers Monday 11 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 11 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 11 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jet trail: VAPOR

6 Torino ta-ta: CIAO

10 Lima or soya: BEAN

14 Conductor Seiji: OZAWA

15 Poker hand buy-in: ANTE

16 Rifle range supply: AMMO

17 Movie buff's collectible: WALLPOSTER

19 Like spider webs: SPUN

20 Trees devastated by a "Dutch" disease: ELMS

21 Go kaput: DIE

22 Manually clutch: GRASP

23 Late July zodiac sign: LEO

24 Warm winter wear: WOOLSWEATER

27 Popeye, for one: SAILOR

29 Ramen : Japan :: __ : Vietnam: PHO

30 Med. care group: HMO

31 Croat or Serb: SLAV

32 Capri or Wight: ISLE

34 All in favor: AYES

35 Tool for whacking unwanted grasses: WEEDEATER

38 Puppies' bites: NIPS

41 Friend in battle: ALLY

42 Damon of "True Grit" (2010): MATT

45 "__, please": box office request from a single patron: ONE

46 Orlando-to-Miami dir.: SSE

47 Some October babies: LIBRAS

49 Looked after: WATCHEDOVER

53 High dudgeon: IRE

54 "Aw, shucks!": OHGEE

55 No-winner situation: TIE

56 Start of a play: ACTI

57 Betting group: POOL

58 Time for a drink at the gym... or what can literally be seen in 17-, 24-, 35- and 49-Across: WATERBREAK

61 Airline with an all-kosher menu: ELAL

62 "Close one!": WHEW

63 Copy, briefly: REPRO

64 Driving range barriers: NETS

65 Ironically, some are "civil": WARS

66 Caravan stops: OASES


1 The word "America" has four of them: VOWELS

2 Rhododendron shrubs: AZALEAS

3 Saturated vegetable fat: PALMOIL

4 Big-eyed birds: OWLS

5 Drake genre: RAP

6 Electronic calculator pioneer: CASIO

7 Pentium processor maker: INTEL

8 Gobbled up: ATE

9 "__ the ramparts ... ": OER

10 Port in southeastern Iraq: BASRA

11 Capacity to relate: EMPATHY

12 "Say something funny!": AMUSEME

13 Amateurs: NONPROS

18 Smell: ODOR

22 Nat __ Wild: cable channel: GEO

24 Worked on a loom: WOVE

25 Spread out, as fingers: SPLAY

26 Stimulate: WHET

28 Felons violate them: LAWS

32 Ran in neutral: IDLED

33 Poivre partner: SEL

34 Graceful horse: ARAB

36 Lack of difficulty: EASE

37 Kuwait potentate: EMIR

38 Sign on a new store: NOWOPEN

39 Losing big at the casino, say: INAHOLE

40 Bleating companion: PETGOAT

43 "Three-headed" arm muscle: TRICEPS

44 Raw steak style: TARTARE

46 Ship's pronoun: SHE

47 Creepy look: LEER

48 Japanese watches: SEIKOS

50 Rooms behind bars? CELLS

51 Playful marine animal: OTTER

52 Vantage points: VIEWS

56 Office space calculation: AREA

58 Letters in a URL: WWW

59 "'Now I get it!'': AHA

60 Dude: BRO

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