LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 School of thought: ISM

4 1972 Kentucky Derby winner __ Ridge: RIVA

8 Landlocked African country: MALI

12 Sense of balance: STABILITY

15 Half of a folk-rock duo: SIMON

16 *Orson Welles' role in "The Third Man": HARRYLIME

17 Public square: PLAZA

18 Court answers: PLEAS

19 Org. promoting fluoridation: ADA

21 State of calm attentiveness: ZEN

22 Fair-haired: BLOND

23 *James T. Kirk player, in recent "Star Trek" films: CHRISPINE

26 Kareem, once: LEW

27 Deli order: HERO

29 Police trickery: STING

30 Koala's hangout: TREE

32 Crest container: TUBE

34 "Bus Stop" playwright: INGE

35 Dollar bill, e.g. ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues have in common: GREENBACK

38 Curly top: AFRO

40 Landlocked Asian country: LAOS

41 "Elephant Boy" boy: SABU

45 Jigsaw unit: PIECE

47 Color printer refills: INKS

49 "What's shakin'?": SUP

50 *"Pogo" cartoonist: WALTKELLY

52 Finds the right words, say: EDITS

54 Step into character: ACT

55 It may need massaging: EGO

56 Crouch down: SQUAT

57 Word with ice or cookie: SHEET

59 *"Damn Yankees!" star: TABHUNTER

63 Wetland birds: TERNS

64 Pushing to the limit: STRAINING

65 "Put a tiger in your tank" brand: ESSO

66 Babe in the woods: FAWN

67 LP successors: CDS


1 "More or less" suffix: ISH

2 Desktop item: STAPLER

3 "The Big Sleep" private eye: MARLOWE

4 Most populous Arabian Peninsula city: RIYADH

5 Pandora's boxful: ILLS

6 Sundial seven: VII

7 PIN point: ATM

8 End of a soldier's URL: MIL

9 Jaw-dropping: AMAZING

10 Cough drop: LOZENGE

11 Absurd: INANE

13 WWII light machine gun: BREN

14 Class ring number: YEAR

15 Acting fitfully: SPASTIC

20 Talk smack about: DIS

22 Deli order: BLT

23 Pitiless: CRUEL

24 Boot stud: HOBNAIL

25 Legendary Hollywood hot dog restaurant: PINKS

28 French summer: ETE

31 "Snowy" bird: EGRET

33 Black shade: EBONY

36 Houston NBA team: ROCKETS

37 "Try me": ASK

38 Cochise followers: APACHES

39 Instagram overlays: FILTERS

42 Like some lions: ASIATIC

43 Rifle handle: BUTTEND

44 Good times: UPS

46 Brain scan inits.: EEG

48 Costume spangle: SEQUIN

50 Fritter away: WASTE

51 They may be drawn: LOTS

53 Country duo Brooks & __: DUNN

56 Bandleader Artie: SHAW

58 Rock producer Brian: ENO

60 DOJ division: ATF

61 Bikini half: BRA

62 Some NFL linemen: RGS

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