LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Urges to attack, with "on": SICS

5 Actor Hawke: ETHAN

10 Chew (on): GNAW

14 Help out during exercises, as in a gym: SPOT

15 LP player: PHONO

16 One of a model's repertoire: POSE

17 *Youthful blush, say: ROSYCHEEKS

19 Common country suffix: STAN

20 Palindromic magazine: ELLE

21 __ Alamos, NM: LOS

23 Oil field? ART

24 Look up to: ESTEEM

26 *Idler at the shore: BEACHBUM

28 Double-crosser: RAT

29 Lavish bash: FETE

31 Spanish rice dish: PAELLA

32 Not commissioned, after "on": SPEC

34 Author Jaffe: RONA

36 Like Lady Liberty's crown: RAYED

37 Hit from behind ... and what the answers to starred clues are? REARENDED

40 Farrier: SHOER

43 Quite a distance: AFAR

44 Cocksure: SMUG

48 Coming from the heart? AORTAL

50 "Your guess __ good ... ": ISAS

52 Solver's cry: AHA

53 *Parlor piece: LOVESEAT

55 Docking places: WHARFS

57 Cold War mil. program: SDI

58 Gate announcement, briefly: ETD

59 Modern mining target: DATA

60 Cantina cooker: OLLA

62 *Frank holders: HOTDOGBUNS

67 Causing yawns, often: DULL

68 Archer's weapon: ARROW

69 Mine entrance: ADIT

70 Central Iowa city: AMES

71 Watch partner: LEARN

72 Peter or Paul (but not Mary): TSAR


1 Cold War state: Abbr.: SSR

2 Wall St. news: IPO

3 "Les Misérables" girl: COSETTE

4 Bob or weave: STYLE

5 Collectibles like ticket stubs and matchbooks: EPHEMERA

6 Not just any: THE

7 Gardening tool: HOE

8 Bracelet site for one on house arrest: ANKLE

9 "Outta luck!": NOSOAP

10 Docs who don't specialize: GPS

11 Especially: NOTABLY

12 Usually: ASARULE

13 Lost it: WENTMAD

18 Musical pitch indicator: CLEF

22 Close call: SCARE

24 Trauma ctrs.: ERS

25 Maple extract: SAP

26 Perk from work: BENEFIT

27 Two of them are better than one: HEADS

30 When tripled, a 1970 WWII film: TORA

33 Minotaur's island: CRETE

35 Santa __: dry winds: ANAS

38 Clear the board: ERASE

39 Deplete, as a bank account: DRAWDOWN

40 Grill-cleaning solution: SALSODA

41 Gangster: HOODLUM

42 One of the Wright brothers: ORVILLE

45 Plunders: MARAUDS

46 Old TV dial letters: UHF

47 Really good time: GAS

49 Deadly: LETHAL

51 Heavy carpet: SHAG

54 Put on a pedestal: ADORE

56 Facing the pitcher: ATBAT

61 "Happy Days" diner: ALS

63 __-la-la: TRA

64 Palme __: Cannes award: DOR

65 Actress Long: NIA

66 Philharmonic sect.: STR

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