LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 11 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2014: NOKIA

6 Econ. numbers: GDPS

10 Beverage sometimes boxed: WINE

14 Build: ERECT

15 Square calculation: AREA

16 Title type: Abbr.: ITAL

17 Serf of Sparta: HELOT

18 Backstage accesses: VIPPASSES

20 Unplanned acquisition: IMPULSEPURCHASE

22 Kylo's mom in "The Force Awakens": LEIA

23 Hairdos made popular by Marie Antoinette: POUFS

24 Home to the National Gandhi Museum: NEWDELHI

28 Showing faith in: TRUETO

31 Jesus on a diamond: ALOU

32 __ Linda, Calif.: LOMA

34 Metal giant: ALCOA

35 Kia subcompacts: RIOS

36 Smartphone downloads: SONGS

38 "Divergent" heroine __ Prior: TRIS

39 Trainee: CADET

41 Zoomed: TORE

42 Prefix with ski or pad: HELI

43 John Williams quintet: OSCARS

45 Ones eating on the house? TERMITES

47 "You've got __": ADEAL

49 Novelist Hunter: EVAN

50 Litmus test for fun? BARRELOFMONKEYS

56 Judicious: ADVISABLE

57 "But wait! There's more!" knife: GINSU

58 Property attachment: LIEN

59 Campus official: DEAN

60 Tatted up: INKED

61 Sting target: MARK

62 USMC rank: SSGT

63 New __: AGERS


1 Radar's pop: NEHI

2 Where Utah's minor league Owlz play: OREM

3 Wet forest growth: KELP

4 Statement after an ordeal: ICOULDUSEADRINK

5 Churchill's 1945 successor: ATTLEE


7 Worn-out washer result: DRIP

8 Invigorate: PEPUP

9 Fungal disease affecting 40-Down: SAPROT

10 Dreaming, at times: WISHFULTHINKING

11 "Shh! Don't tell anyone!": ITSASECRET

12 Scottish resistance: NAES

13 Otherwise: ELSE

19 Legend maker: ACURA

21 Spots for flowers: SILLS

24 DEA employee: NARCO

25 Literature Nobelist Canetti: ELIAS

26 Geppetto, for one: WOODCARVER

27 "__ kidding!": IMNOT

29 Decorative curtain fabric: TOILE

30 Source of relief: OASIS

33 Accord: AGREEMENT

37 Electronic control mechanism: SERVO

40 Pines, say: TREES

44 Menu heading: SALADS

46 Italian "Eat!": MANGIA

48 Frontal and temporal: LOBES

50 Lip application: BALM

51 1998 Sarah McLachlan hit: ADIA

52 Mark for attention: FLAG

53 Three-time speed skating gold medalist Karin: ENKE

54 1914 battle river: YSER

55 Kegger quaff: SUDS

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