LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 11 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Instances of night vision? DREAMS

7 What crooks may beat: RAPS

11 QB targets: TES

14 Washing aid for pupils: EYECUP

15 Balm ingredient: ALOE

16 Mil. branch disbanded in 1978: WAC

17 Balancing point: CENTEROFGRAVITY

20 "Pronto!": ASAP

21 If all goes wrong: ATWORST

22 "Four score and seven years __ ... ": AGO

25 "A Walk Among the Tombstones" star Neeson: LIAM

27 Islamic deity: ALLAH

28 Be convenient: COMEINHANDY

32 Fr. holy woman: STE

33 Tailless cat: MANX

34 Like Erik the Red: NORSE

36 Director Kazan: ELIA

37 Sweets ... and, in three parts, a hint to the four longest Across answers: CANDY

39 Veers off sharply: ZIGS

43 Phil or Steve with Olympic slalom medals in the same race: MAHRE

45 Knight neighbor: ROOK

46 Cut for an agt.: PCT

49 Transports to a new location: CARRIESAWAY

53 2000s first lady Bush: LAURA

55 Low on the Mohs scale: SOFT

56 Ending for Gator: ADE

57 Pinball players' haunts: ARCADES

60 Usually fuzzy tabloid pics: UFOS

62 Anti-aging procedure: COSMETICSURGERY

67 Jimmy Eat World genre: EMO

68 Bull or boar: MALE

69 Parlor piece: SETTEE

70 Identity thief's target: Abbr.: SSN

71 Sommer of movies: ELKE

72 English teacher's stack to grade: ESSAYS


1 Solstice mo.: DEC

2 Corned beef bread: RYE

3 Poetic twilight: EEN

4 Official records: ACTA

5 Oaty breakfast mix: MUESLI

6 Injury often iced: SPRAIN

7 Battle of Britain gp.: RAF

8 Fish food plant: ALGA

9 Left on a cruise: PORT

10 Shipping routes: SEAWAYS

11 Wields, as a baton: TWIRLS

12 Torments: EATSAT

13 Grim Reaper tool: SCYTHE

18 Fish with vermilion fins: OPAH

19 Spine abbr., maybe: VOL

22 Cartoon maker of Dehydrated Boulders: ACME

23 Rink success: GOAL

24 All: Pref.: OMNI

26 Miss in an advice column: MANNERS

29 Midterm, e.g.: EXAM

30 Drop off: NOD

31 Hang out on a line: DRY

35 Vampire Weekend lead vocalist Koenig: EZRA

37 "__-ching!": CHA

38 Flight board abbr.: ARR

40 Davenport's home: IOWA

41 Provoke: GOAD

42 Scottish isle: SKYE

44 Scholar's world: ACADEME

46 Finishes second: PLACES

47 Billiards shots: CAROMS

48 Jojo's Arizona home, in the Beatles' "Get Back": TUCSON

50 Markers in a pot: IOUS

51 Flow out: EFFUSE

52 Mall directory listings: STORES

54 Farm butter: RAM

58 Lat. shortener: ETAL

59 Hose material: SILK

61 Some PX patrons: SGTS

63 Biscuit middle? CEE

64 One of four rhyming Greek letters: ETA

65 Daisy Ridley's role in three "Star Wars" films: REY

66 "I agree": YES

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