LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 11 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ cake: CRAB

5 Floor plan unit: ROOM

9 App runner: PHONE

14 "It can't be true!": OHNO

15 Humorist Bombeck: ERMA

16 Like some whiskey barrels: OAKEN

17 Test version: BETA

18 Too much sun, they say: AGER

19 Common chord: TRIAD

20 Wind tunnel test object: AIRPLANEMODEL

23 Article in Die Zeit: EIN

24 "Saving Fish From Drowning" author Tan: AMY

25 Snares with loops: LASSOS

29 1998 Sarah McLachlan hit: ADIA

31 Catch: NAB

34 Keats work with the line, "She dwells with Beauty--Beauty that must die": ODEONMELANCHOLY

37 Was short: OWED

38 TiVo predecessor: VCR

39 Arabic for "commander": EMIR

40 Note instruction: PAYABLEONDEMAND

45 Mme., in Madrid: SRA

46 Vega's constellation: LYRA

47 Drops in speaking: ELIDES

48 Great Lakes' __ Canals: SOO

49 Summer sign: LEO

50 Tart drink concentrates, or what's literally found in 20-, 34- and 40-Across: LEMONADEMIXES

57 Showy bulb: TULIP

58 Jazz guitar lick, say: RIFF

59 Daily delivery: MAIL

61 Send over the moon: ELATE

62 Play starter: ACTI

63 One may be a lot: ACRE

64 Pitch adjuster: TUNER

65 Top-quality: BEST

66 Shake off: SHED


1 Cygnet's father: COB

2 Pampas bird: RHEA

3 Contrarian prefix: ANTI

4 Beast with tusks: BOAR

5 Truthful representation, in art: REALISM

6 Instrument with pipes: ORGAN

7 Sign: OMEN

8 Stable parent: MARE

9 River to Chesapeake Bay: POTOMAC

10 "The Revenant" Oscar nominee Tom: HARDY

11 Dust Bowl migrant: OKIE

12 Sci-fi author Stephenson: NEAL

13 Tight __: football position: END

21 Lowly laborer: PEON

22 Primary: MAIN

25 Froot __: LOOPS

26 Ugly marketing battle: ADWAR

27 "Gotta go!": SEEYA

28 Cream __: SODA

29 AA, on the NYSE: ALCOA

30 Rats relative: DARN

31 Wanderer: NOMAD

32 1955 Dior innovation: ALINE

33 "Turn! Turn! Turn!" band, with "The": BYRDS

35 "Oh, when will they __ learn?": Seeger lyric: EVER

36 Sphere opener: HEMI

41 Gag reel scene: BLOOPER

42 City on the Rhâ„¢ne: LYON

43 Judge appropriate: DEEMFIT

44 Wells' fruit eaters: ELOI

48 Hit hard: SMITE

49 Some lanes allow only them: LEFTS

50 Humdinger: LULU

51 Dashing style: ELAN

52 Many a Mideast native: ARAB

53 Board game pieces: DICE

54 Time to put up lights, briefly: XMAS

55 A head: EACH

56 Equine parent: SIRE

57 First day of spring, in Hanoi: TET

60 Commanded: LED

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