LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 11 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ and flows: EBBS

5 Stepped heavily: TROD

9 __ Rica: COSTA

14 Pitcher's goof: BALK

15 Inflatable mattress prefix with Bed: AERO

16 Colorado ski mecca: ASPEN

17 Muslim denomination: SHIA

18 Not fatty, as meat: LEAN

19 Lease again: RELET

20 *Artsy Lower Manhattan neighborhood: EASTVILLAGE

23 Car owner's premium pmt.: INS

24 American of Japanese descent: NISEI

25 Dieter's catchword: LOFAT

27 Sweat unit: BEAD

30 Originates (from): DERIVES

33 Like morning grass: DEWY

36 Title for Doubtfire or Dash: MRS

38 Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park: SEDONA

39 Rocks in bars: ICE

40 Set in a den, slangily ... or, initially, what can be found in each answer to a starred clue: THETUBE

42 Gratuity: TIP

43 Dessert with a cherry: SUNDAE

45 Refreshing retreat: SPA

46 Wines that usually go well with beef: REDS

47 __ seat: advantageous spot: CATBIRD

49 In couch-potato mode: IDLE

51 France dance: VALSE

52 Up to one's ears (in): AWASH

56 Architect I.M. __: PEI

58 *Drug bust calculation: STREETVALUE

62 Throat ailment: STREP

64 Modest skirt: MIDI

65 Writer Jaffe: RONA

66 Video game pioneer: ATARI

67 Region: AREA

68 Sullen: DOUR

69 Makeover place: SALON

70 Camera attachment: LENS

71 Bay Area cop gp.: SFPD


1 "Barnaby Jones" actor Buddy: EBSEN

2 Persian faith: BAHAI

3 Utter joy: BLISS

4 Glide past on the ice: SKATEBY

5 Anklebones: TALI

6 Movie spool: REEL

7 Verbal: ORAL

8 Name on a Trump card? DONALD

9 Untroubled: CAREFREE

10 Suffix with fruct-: OSE

11 *Panel decision that's not unanimous: SPLITVOTE

12 "The Hunger Games" extra: TEEN

13 Picnic invaders: ANTS

21 "C'est la __!": VIE

22 Turns sour: GOESBAD

26 Help: AID

28 UMass town: AMHERST

29 Hip-hop Dr.: DRE

31 Oklahoma's "Wheat Capital": ENID

32 Drains of strength: SAPS

33 Phonograph record: DISC

34 Quito's country: Abbr.: ECUA

35 *Became a YouTube sensation: WENTVIRAL

37 N.Y. and Calif.: STS

40 Dramatic downturn: TAILSPIN

41 Wire service letters: UPI

44 Corporate alias abbr.: DBA

46 Bounty hunters' goals: REWARDS

48 Of the skin: DERMAL

50 Where a Brit may powder her nose: LAV

53 Unlikely to get excited: ALOOF

54 Dawn: SUNUP

55 Listened to: HEARD

56 "This is your brain on drugs" ads, briefly: PSAS

57 Singer James: ETTA

59 Irish name for Ireland: EIRE

60 Xanadu: EDEN

61 Spanish aunts: TIAS

63 Suffix with ranch: ERO

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