LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 11 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Long-term astronaut's home: Abbr.: ISS

4 Old TWA competitor: PANAM

9 FBI figure: AGT

12 Mauna __: KEA

13 Sister of Terpsichore: ERATO

14 "But, as he was ambitious, I __ him" : Brutus: SLEW

15 Vermont alma mater of Alan Arkin and Peter Dinklage: BENNINGTONCOLLE

18 Provides with an alarm code, perhaps: ABETS

19 Timeworn phrase: BROMIDE

20 Judicial prohibition: GAGORDER

24 Party nudge: OPENIT

25 "Bambi" doe: ENA

26 Andy is her nephew: AUNTBEE

28 Boomer? TNT

29 Coin of the realm: LALTENDER

31 Disco era adjective: GOGO

32 Robert of "The Sopranos": ILER

33 "Got it": ISEE

36 Infant's place in Hyde Park: PRAM

39 "MythBusters" target: URBANLEND

44 Gloaming, in verse: EEN

45 NAPA store item: FANBELT

47 Green span: LEA

48 Bothers, as one's conscience: NAGSAT

50 Ali, per Ali: GREATEST

52 Perch in a lullaby: TREETOP

54 Fuming: IRATE

55 '50s-'70s carrier with a Pittsburgh hub: ALLHENYAIRLINES

59 Genre with hard-boiled characters: NOIR

60 Greet the day: ARISE

61 Encumber, with "down": BOG

62 Letters replacing a list: ETC

63 Assistance, with "a" ... and literal assistance in solving the four longest answers: LEGUP

64 Small amount of work: ERG


1 Floral art: IKEBANA

2 French-speaking African country: SENEGAL

3 __ Domingo: SANTO

4 Author: PEN

5 Braz. neighbor: ARG

6 D.C. athlete: NAT

7 Small step: ATOB

8 Louisiana Purchase negotiator who later became president: MONROE

9 Utterly enrapt with: ALLINTO

10 Castrated equine: GELDING

11 Send a short message: TWEETTO

14 Vague quantity: SOME

15 Torus-shaped food: BAGEL

16 Nation since 1948: ISRAEL

17 Deal: COPE

21 Sci-fi classic set on an arid world: DUNE

22 Gridiron maneuver: ENDRUN

23 GPS datum: RTE

27 Hush money payer: BRIBER

30 Cratchit kid: TIM

31 Salon supply: GEL

34 Large word on a mall sign: SALE

35 Involve: ENTAIL

36 Compound with five carbon atoms: PENTANE

37 Parking in back: REARLOT

38 Like a sleeping baby: ANGELIC

40 "Notorious" court initials: RBG

41 Franklin's wife: ELEANOR

42 Financial planning target: NESTEGG

43 Teen gossip fodder: DATES

45 It's inevitable: FATE

46 Without a key: ATONAL

49 Very, in Vienna: SEHR

51 Erie or Huron, but not Superior: TRIBE

53 Ritual heap: PYRE

56 2008 bailout co.: AIG

57 Ames sch.: ISU

58 House fig.: REP

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