LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 11 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 11 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Setting for smooth sailing: CALMSEA

8 Aptly, it rhymes with "ahh": SPA

11 Cease and desist order? CUT

14 Stuffed oneself: ATEATON

15 Pursue romantically: WOO

16 Valuable metal: ORE

17 "NCIS: Los Angeles" actress: NIALONG

18 Court order? ALLRISE

20 Remove varnish from: STRIP

21 NBC weekend fixture, briefly: SNL

22 Distinctive flair: ELAN

23 Modern renewable fuel: BIODIESEL

27 Reverse order? ABOUTFACE

30 Assures the sad fate of: DOOMS

34 Easy throw: LOB

35 "Angie Tribeca" TV network: TBS

36 "Help me out, will ya?": BEAPAL

37 Facilitates: ENABLES

40 Bergen of "Murphy Brown": CANDICE

41 Stay behind: REMAIN

42 Drunkard: SOT

43 Dubai's fed.: UAE

44 Former Russian rulers: TSARS

45 Money order? STICKEMUP

48 Words said with an extended fork: TASTETHIS

50 Continent explored by Marco Polo: ASIA

53 Talk on and on: YAP

54 Scalawag: SCAMP

58 Work order? GETBUSY

60 Shoe cushions: INSOLES

62 Abbr. used to save space: ETC

63 Not worth a __: SOU

64 Muzzle-loading gadgets: RAMRODS

65 Gag order? SHH

66 Kindle download: APP

67 Chart-reading exam: EYETEST


1 Some recyclables: CANS

2 Going __: fighting: ATIT

3 Shakespearean king with three daughters: LEAR

4 Beach city near Hollywood: MALIBU

5 Restraining order? STOPIT

6 Quite some time: EON

7 Taiwan-born director Lee: ANG

8 River in a Stephen Foster song: SWANEE

9 Voting sites: POLLS

10 Pioneering ISP: AOL

11 Wind up like a snake: COIL

12 Celestial bear: URSA

13 High-schooler, typically: TEEN

19 Put another roll of film in: RELOAD

21 Incites to attack, with "on": SICS

24 More than occasionally: OFTEN

25 Blots gently: DABS

26 Biblical garden: EDEN

27 Warning: ALERT

28 Scraps for Fido: BONES

29 President between Bush and Trump: OBAMA

31 Poppy product: OPIUM

32 Gambling mecca near Hong Kong: MACAU

33 Catch some z's: SLEEP

36 Cookie recipe yield: BATCH

38 Bill for drinks: BARTAB

39 Bart Simpson's sister: LISA

40 San Francisco's __ Tower: COIT

42 Dance move: STEP

45 Postpone one's bedtime: STAYUP

46 Pecking order? KISSME

47 Go along with: ESCORT

49 Online admin: SYSOP

50 Quite some time: AGES

51 "Family Guy" creator MacFarlane: SETH

52 Nagging desire: ITCH

55 Sunburn reliever: ALOE

56 Rx items: MEDS

57 Sibilant summons: PSST

59 NATO founding member: USA

60 Fury: IRE

61 "Aye? Not!": NAY

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