LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 11 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 11 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Staging area: THEATER

8 Oregon Trail sights: WAGONS

14 Part of a score: MEASURE

15 "No need to point": ISEEIT

16 Yuletide decorations at a beach cottage? CHRISTMASCORAL

18 Michigan, e.g.: LAKE

19 Some summer arrivals: LEOS

20 Bit of baby talk: GOO

22 Quick cuts: TRIMS

24 Snowball fight defense: FORT

25 Sing the praises of: LAUD

26 Furniture chain that also sells lingonberry preserves: IKEA

27 Tolkien's Legolas, for one: ELF

28 First name of the first woman to win a Nobel Prize: MARIE

29 What many skyscrapers in Houston and Dallas represent? CORPORATETEXAS

33 Righteous Babe Records founder DiFranco: ANI

34 Darken in summer: TAN

35 Opera group sponsored by a '70s-'80s sitcom family? JEFFERSONDIVAS

43 Drops off: WANES

44 U.K. part: ENG

45 Target ball in a pool game: NINE

46 "The Martian" novelist Weir: ANDY

47 Young newts: EFTS

49 Momoa who plays Aquaman: JASON

50 DVR button: REC

51 Give off: EMIT

52 Mountain cat: PUMA

53 Denim's golden age? DAYSOFOURLEVIS

58 Codeine, e.g.: OPIATE

59 How a leaf blower operates: NOISILY

60 Gets a gander at: ESPIES

61 Put together: AMASSED


1 Film buff's network: TMC

2 "That's sorta funny": HEH

3 Like a flashback time: EARLIER

4 World atlas spread: ASIAMAP

5 Walrus features: TUSKS

6 Art Deco icon: ERTE

7 __ sleep: REM

8 More prudent: WISER

9 Cravat cousin: ASCOT

10 Most 1990s Prizms: GEOS

11 Above, to a bard: OER

12 River between two Great Lakes: NIAGARA

13 First U.S. city to host the Olympic Games: STLOUIS

17 Flying: ALOFT

21 Lines from an admirer: ODE

22 Idiosyncrasy: TIC

23 Classic studio letters: RKO

24 Distinctive style: FLAIR

25 Remiss: LAX

27 Fish-eating bird: ERNE

28 Fix: MEND

30 Stumblebums: OAFS

31 Jackets named for a British school: ETONS

32 Distinctive flavor: TANG

35 Mystery woman: JANEDOE

36 Market aisle border areas: ENDCAPS

37 "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-creator: FEY

38 Row: SETTO

39 Completely disorganized: INAMESS

40 In relation to: VISAVIS

41 "Is that __?": ANO

42 Six-yr.-term pol: SEN

43 "1917" subject: WAR

47 Overact: EMOTE

48 High pipes: FIFES

49 Child played by Meryl: JULIA

51 Actor Morales: ESAI

52 Anticipated dance: PROM

54 Shrill bark: YIP

55 A, in Oaxaca: UNA

56 Tahiti, to Gauguin: ILE

57 Qantas hub, in itineraries: SYD

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