LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 11 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 11 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Miracle on the Hudson" investigation gp.: NTSB

5 Venom holder: SAC

8 Grads of Cornell's Johnson Sch.: MBAS

12 Kerfuffle: HOOHA

13 Quartet quarter? SOLO

14 Six-ton predator: ORCA

15 Pride seekers' lids: SAFARIHATS

17 LeBlanc who played Joey on "Friends": MATT

18 Texter's approval: THUMBSUPEMOJI

20 Cutesy answer to "How do you say that in Spanish?": ESO

21 Uncoupled? BROKENUP

24 Zebras on a field: REFS

27 Classic muscle cars: GTOS

29 Senator Ben who wrote "The Vanishing American Adult": SASSE

30 N.L. West team: ARI

31 Type of cable, briefly: COAX

32 Shade for a lifeguard: SUNTAN

33 Defensive lines: CORDONS

35 Dries, in a way: AIRSOUT

36 Sometimes unattainable maxima: IDEALS

37 Sticky situation: MIRE

38 2010 World Cup host: Abbr.: RSA

39 Origins: SEEDS

40 Bass part: GILL

41 It gives you the big picture: IMAX

42 Title partner of "me" in a 1972 Billy Paul #1 hit: MRSJONES

44 Blade in a shell: OAR

46 Metaphor for confidentiality popularized in a 1960s sitcom: CONEOFSILENCE

51 Type of jacket: FLAK

53 Shallot relative: GREENONION

54 Card in Clue: ROPE

55 Ancient site of an iconic tree: EDEN

56 Command posts: HELMS

57 Is behind, maybe: OWES

58 Kid-__: tots' TV fare: VID

59 Sailing: ASEA


1 Legendary wildlife conservationist: NOAH

2 Block in the kitchen: TOFU

3 Humbles: SHAMES

4 Fodder for unfriendly trades: BARBS

5 Speaker's spot: SOAPBOX

6 Takes up, perhaps: ALTERS

7 Short bar order: COSMO

8 High-waisted garb, stereotypically: MOMJEANS

9 Play with ideas: BRAINSTORM

10 Do one's part? ACT

11 Couldn't stand? SAT

12 Prez who had no VP in his first term: HST

13 Chinese pork dish word: SHU

16 Squares, e.g.: ISOGONS

19 [Shrug]: OKSURE

22 Olympics chant: USAUSA

23 Ricoh camera brand: PENTAX

24 "To Kill a Mockingbird" theme: RACISM

25 Heavy surf, e.g.: ERODER

26 Obsolescent emergency exit: FIREESCAPE

28 Coll. exam graders, at times: TAS

31 Charles of Watergate infamy: COLSON

32 Skirt alternative: SIRLOIN

34 Some corny humor: DADJOKES

35 Have something: AIL

37 Common jam ingredient? MISFEED

40 Scotty's "Star Trek: TNG" counterpart: GEORDI

41 Cara and Ryan: IRENES

43 Much of Israel: NEGEV

45 Island reception: ALOHA

47 D.C. VIP: SEN

48 Ancient Memphis setting: NILE

49 Food __: after-eating drowsiness: COMA

50 3/8 of nineteen? ENS

51 Questlove's do: FRO

52 Dirty: LOW

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