LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Identifies in a Facebook photo: TAGS

5 __ basin: TIDAL

10 Chitchats: GABS

14 Prep for surgery: SCRUB

19 Mil or mile: UNIT

20 Kipling's "Lone Wolf": AKELA

21 Release, as an odor: EMIT

22 Reason to march: CAUSE

23 Where a displaced ex-hubby may sleep? DIVORCECOT

25 Determination as to which twin is born first? NATALORDER

27 Brunch dish: OMELET

28 2000 NBA MVP: ONEAL

30 Clay-pigeon launcher: TRAP

31 Guinness Book suffix: EST

32 Back-to-zero button: RESET

33 Delightful places: EDENS

34 Closed (in): ZEROED

36 Concerning: INRE

38 North Pole explorer: PEARY

40 Restaurant with skating carhops: SONIC

44 Poem about the letter nu? ODEONAGRECIANN

50 Myriad: MANY

51 Violinist's effect: VIBRATO

52 "Didn't mean it": SORRY

53 Confession hearers: PRIESTS

56 Lendl of tennis: IVAN

57 Alloy containing carbon: STEEL

58 "Any day now": SOON

59 Body __: ART

60 Elsinore natives: DANES

62 Ex-White House Press Secretary Spicer: SEAN

63 Progressive Insurance icon's layoff? SACKOFFLO

66 Warning to a sinner: REPENT

68 "__ Madness": old anti-drug movie: REEFER

69 Dried, pulverized onions? CRYPOWDER

72 "The Swedish Nightingale" Jenny: LIND

73 Littlest littermates: RUNTS

77 Greek X: CHI

78 Primatologists' subjects: APES

79 Commonly abbreviated bit of Latin: IDEST

81 Part of a hat trick: GOAL

82 Hard bargain driver: HAGGLER

84 "CSI" part: SCENE

85 African grassland: SAVANNA

88 "Uh-huh": ISEE

89 Three movies about skeletons? THEBONETRILOGY

91 Clobbers with snowballs: PELTS

93 Silents vamp Bara: THEDA

94 Hammerhead cousin: MAKO

95 Got ready to stop: SLOWED

97 Needing a rinse: SOAPY

100 28-Across, for eight seasons: LAKER

105 "That's unfortunate": TSK

108 Rebus animals: EWES

109 Game akin to bingo: BEANO

110 Flea market deal: IESALE

111 Extension of an embargo? BANRENEWAL

114 Della's notable facial feature? STREETCHIN

116 Poke around: SNOOP

117 Artist who helped Hitchcock design a dream sequence for "Spellbound": DALI

118 Colorful upholstery fabric: TOILE

119 Gobs: ALOT

120 Trivial: PETTY

121 Manicure sound: SNIP

122 Escargot: SNAIL

123 Kitchen supplies: POTS


1 House of Henry VIII: TUDOR

2 "Speed Racer" genre: ANIME

3 Helps the cause: GIVES

4 Made off with: STOLE

5 Negotiating asset: TACT

6 Clanton gang leader: IKE

7 __ ring: encryption toy: DECODER

8 One way to work: ALONE

9 Grow dark: LATEN


11 Org. with an oft-quoted journal: AMA

12 Marsh bird: BITTERN

13 Bright at night: STARRY

14 Sharpshooters' aids: SCOPES

15 Sleeping __: CAR

16 Far from polite: RUDE

17 Doesn't waste: USES

18 Muppet with a unibrow: BERT

24 Eye part: RETINA

26 Vientiane native: LAO

29 Set a high goal: ASPIRE

33 Logician's word: ERGO

34 Buffoon: ZANY

35 Fuller's geodesic creation: DOME

37 MLB Expo, since 2005: NAT

39 Counts' equals: EARLS

41 __ spray: NASAL

42 Toastmaster's opening: INTRO

43 Dermatologist's concern: CYST

44 "Amores" poet: OVID

45 Operatic icon: DIVA

46 Abba of Israel: EBAN

47 Difficult: ORNERY

48 Ritzy spread: ESTATE

49 Either "Fargo" director: COEN

53 Elbowed: POKED

54 Urban sunbather's spot: ROOF

55 Derive: INFER

57 Orders to go: SENDS

58 Potpourri quality: SCENT

61 Bud protector: SEPAL

62 Home of the Ninja Turtles: SEWER

64 No longer in bed: ARISEN

65 Thrifty: FRUGAL

67 St. Peter's Square figure: POPE

69 Climactic film scene: CHASE

70 Bright Orion star: RIGEL

71 Pressed through a sieve: RICED

72 Celeb with a TV "Garage": LENO

74 Pitcher's gem, in baseball lingo: NONO

75 Brand associated with NASA missions: TANG

76 Crack up: SLAY

77 Casino disk: CHIP

80 Lower in status: DEBASE

83 Catches on to: GETS

84 Slough off: SHED

85 Stick around: STAY

86 Torah holder: ARK

87 Roy G. Biv hue: VIOLET

89 Saint-Sa‘ns work with a memorable cello solo: THESWAN

90 Big-box stores, e.g.: EMPORIA

92 Yawning, say: SLEEPY

93 Coarse woolens: TWEEDS

96 Part of BYOB: OWN

98 Brewers' ovens: OASTS

99 Playwright Chekhov: ANTON

101 Tunesmiths' org.: ASCAP

102 Hayek's "Frida" role: KAHLO

103 "Silas Marner" author: ELIOT

104 Monopoly fees: RENTS

105 1/2 fl. oz.: TBSP

106 Level-headed: SANE

107 Half hitch, e.g.: KNOT

109 Dot on a radar screen: BLIP

110 "Riverdance" dance: IEEL

112 Hogwash: ROT

113 Dethroner of Foreman: ALI

115 Lilly of pharmaceuticals: ELI

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