LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 12 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chesapeake shellfish: CRAB

5 Swings at a fly: SWATS

10 Perfect tennis serves: ACES

14 Can't stand: HATE

15 Band whose debut album "Dreamboat Annie" was released in the U.S. on Valentine's Day in 1976: HEART

16 Reclined: LAIN

17 *__ day: on alternating days: EVERYOTHER

19 Thought: IDEA

20 Raised, as kids: REARED

21 What a vocalist may drop for emphasis: MIC

23 "What's the __?": "So what?": DIF

24 Pallid: WAN

25 *Aussie's "Well done!": GOODONYOU

28 Historic period: ERA

30 Deluge: TORRENT

31 *One with the motto "Be Prepared": BOYSCOUT

34 Trait carriers: GENES

38 Brazenly obvious: BLATANT

39 Morton condiment: SEASALT

41 Determined to have: SETON

42 *Serves a prison sentence: DOESTIME

43 Daily record, as on a ship: LOGBOOK

46 Almost on "E": LOW

47 *Part of the contract where gotchas might be found: FINEPRINT

50 Mantra syllables: OMS

52 United: ONE

53 Talk incessantly: YAK

54 "You're the One That I Want" musical: GREASE

57 Bloody, as steak: RARE

59 The first words of the answers to starred clues are a mnemonic for this musical symbol's staff lines: TREBLECLEF

62 Back up, on a PC: UNDO

63 Philadelphia NFLer: EAGLE

64 Winter wear: COAT

65 Extreme disorder: MESS

66 Struck down, biblically: SMOTE

67 Pantry pests: ANTS


1 "Believe" singer: CHER

2 "Must-see" review: RAVE


4 Quotable Yogi: BERRA

5 Not barefoot: SHOD

6 Drenched, e.g.: WET

7 "That feels good": AAH

8 Seismic event: TREMOR

9 Long step: STRIDE

10 Comedian Wong: ALI

11 Escalade, casually: CADDY

12 Kids' song refrain: EIEIO

13 Big blunder: SNAFU

18 Hankering: YEN

22 Barrel-shaped drums: CONGAS

25 Joint ailment: GOUT

26 Uneaten morsel: ORT

27 A-bomb tryout: NTEST

28 Recedes to the sea: EBBS

29 Part in a play: ROLE

30 "An ounce of action is worth a __ of theory": Emerson (probably): TON

32 Pilfered: STOLE

33 Suspended cover above a bed: CANOPY

35 Place for a manicure: NAILSALON

36 "Tickle Me" Muppet: ELMO

37 Hearty entr┼Że: STEW

39 Chimney sweep's target: SOOT

40 "A mouse!": EEK

42 Cheadle who was Basher in "Ocean's" films: DON

44 Fireplace inserts: GRATES

45 Yoga-as-exercise namesake: BIKRAM

47 Roman place of assembly: FORUM

48 Foolish: INANE

49 Brainiacs, maybe: NERDS

50 Valuable deposit: ORE

51 Muslim holy city: MECCA

54 Joy: GLEE

55 Usher's offering: SEAT

56 Young newts: EFTS

58 Dawn goddess: EOS

60 Alter __: EGO

61 Three-letter sandwich: BLT

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