LA Times Crossword answers Monday 12 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 12 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Golfer __ Thompson, who had her first LPGA tournament win at age 16: LEXI

5 College sports channel: ESPNU

10 Inquires: ASKS

14 Have too much, briefly: ODON

15 Surgical tool: CLAMP

16 "Ignore that dele" mark: STET

17 Half a million in annual pay, say: SIXFIGURESALARY

20 South Korean capital: SEOUL

21 Proverb: MAXIM

22 Put the kibosh on: NIX

23 Carry with effort: LUG

25 Like citizenship maintained in multiple countries: DUAL

27 Chromatic basis of much modern music: TWELVETONESCALE

35 Victory: WIN

36 In __: unborn: UTERO

37 Sets straight: TRUES

38 Mallorca o Menorca: ISLA

40 Med. research agency: NIH

41 Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT

42 Spanish girl: CHICA

44 Like a chimney needing sweeping: SOOTY

47 Garden of Eden woman: EVE


51 Shoe or foot part: HEEL

52 __ de toilette: EAU

53 Inveterate imbiber: SOT

55 Impertinent: SAUCY

59 Copy on transparent paper: TRACE

63 Around the clock: TWENTYFOURSEVEN

66 Bonn article: EINE

67 "I'm innocent!": NOTME

68 Captain hanged for piracy: KIDD

69 Toward the setting sun: WEST

70 Op-ed piece, e.g.: ESSAY

71 Fruity beverages: ADES


1 It's often covered by insurance: LOSS

2 Actress Falco: EDIE

3 Hugs-and-kisses symbols: XOXO

4 Paid __: completely settled: INFULL

5 Heart test: Abbr.: ECG

6 Blighted inner city area: SLUM

7 Law office hire, for short: PARA

8 Ariz. neighbor: NMEX

9 Potential for profit: UPSIDE

10 Comm. system with hand motions: ASL

11 Oliver Hardy's partner: STANLAUREL

12 "The Americans" actress Russell: KERI

13 River of Hades: STYX

18 Candy heart sentiment: ILUVU

19 Not optional: AMUST

24 Obtain: GET

26 Farmland measure: ACRE

27 A couple of times: TWICE

28 "__ could help": WISHI

29 Gives spiritual insight to: ENLIGHTENS

30 Past, present or future: TENSE

31 Mythical hunter: ORION

32 Not at all: NOHOW

33 Depart: LEAVE

34 Compound with a fruity aroma: ESTER

39 Nagging pain: ACHE

43 Nuclear weapon trial: ATEST

45 First word in many Grisham titles: THE

46 Dublin-born poet: YEATS

49 Comic Boosler: ELAYNE

50 California's motto: EUREKA

53 Slow-cooked dish: STEW

54 Scrape, in totspeak: OWIE

56 Mysterious sci-fi ships: UFOS

57 Collapsible beds: COTS

58 Arizona city on the Colorado River: YUMA

60 Gung-ho: AVID

61 Formally turn over: CEDE

62 Concludes: ENDS

64 Ping-Pong table divider: NET

65 Spanish throne occupant: REY

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