LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," e.g.: FABLE

6 __ bean: NAVY

10 "Gee whiz!": OMG

13 Name on a sweetener packet: EQUAL

14 Apr├Ęs-ski drink: COCOA

15 IOC country two before NZL, alphabetically: NOR

16 Go off without a hiccup: RUNSMOOTHLY

18 Still, in verse: THO

19 Needs for 3-Downs: BATS

20 WSJ headline topic: IPO

21 Tobacco plug: CHAW

22 Singapore makeup: ISLANDS

26 Complain (about): RAIL

27 PC corner key: ESC

30 Paranormal power: PSYCHOMETRY

32 Hawaiian Congresswoman Gabbard: TULSI

34 50 minutes on a couch, say: SESSION

35 Going out with: SEEING

37 Divvies up: ALLOTS

40 Harsh: ACERBIC

44 Big name in insurance: AETNA

45 London-based credit brand: BARCLAYCARD

48 List-ending abbr.: ETC

49 "A Death in the Family" author James: AGEE

50 Crack shot: DEADEYE

52 Comic Foxx: REDD

53 New Deal agcy.: NRA

54 Baseball's Rose: PETE

58 One might be under a selfie: BIO

59 Site of a tennis focus match ... and a hint to what's hidden in 16-, 30- and 45-Across? CENTERCOURT

63 The Cyclones of the Big 12 Conf.: ISU

64 Spanish 41-Down: ADIOS

65 Bitter-tasting: ACRID

66 Lifesaver, briefly: EMT

67 Water ___: POLO

68 Hits hard: WHOPS


1 Stepbrother of Phineas on a Disney animated series: FERB

2 Shade of blue: AQUA

3 Hit close to home? BUNT

4 Indian yogurt drink: LASSI

5 Nightmare street: ELM

6 Never ever: NOTONCE

7 "Bah!" in Bavaria: ACH

8 Tennessee athlete, briefly: VOL

9 Joyous shout: YAY

10 "Speaking of which ... ": ONTHATNOTE

11 Sweater material: MOHAIR

12 Guttural: GROWLY

14 HMO outlays: COPAYS

17 Works on walls: OILS

21 Bayou cuisine: CREOLE

23 Rubylike gemstone: SPINEL

24 Post-9/11 cabinet agcy.: DHS

25 Slugging Sammy: SOSA

27 "The War of the Worlds" villains, for short: ETS

28 Bring an action: SUE

29 Decamped, say: CLEAREDOUT

31 Address for a noblewoman: MILADY

33 Urged to attack, with "on": SICCED

36 Former senior: GRAD

38 Wile E. Coyote purchase: TNT

39 Pouch: SAC

41 English 64-Across: BYE

42 "Just watch me!": ICANTOO

43 Close-knit groups: CADRES

45 She's a doll: BARBIE

46 Discrimination based on years: AGEISM

47 Raise: REAR

51 Many, many years: EPOCH

55 Spanish coin: EURO

56 Fall lead-in, maybe: TRIP

57 Flight board listings: Abbr.: ETDS

59 Souvenir shop purchase: CAP

60 Tokyo, formerly: EDO

61 Nothing: NIL

62 Crow cry: CAW

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