LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 12 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Spot for honored guests: DAIS

5 AutoZone rival: NAPA

9 Long-necked African mammal: OKAPI

14 1 for H, e.g.: ATNO

15 Help flee a collar: ABET

16 One finalizing a return, perhaps: FILER

17 Plane storage area: TOOLCHEST

19 Knighted golf analyst: FALDO

20 Itzcoatl, for one: AZTEC

21 Kansas __: CITY

23 Hardly flushed: WAN

24 Alpine resort features: SCENICHOTELS

28 Kleptomaniacal toon monkey: ABU

31 Paper gauge: PLY

32 Migraine symptoms: AURAS

33 Excludes: BANS

35 Pivot around: SLUE

38 "This I __ see": GOTTA

40 Overnight bag item ... and what's literally hidden in 17-, 24-. 51- and 63-Across: CHANGEOFCLOTHES

43 Arabian Peninsula capital: SANAA

44 Linguist Chomsky: NOAM

45 Radio button: SEEK

46 Seriously wounds: MAIMS

48 Easy mark: SAP

50 "Treasure Island" monogram: RLS

51 St. Petersburg's Vaganova Academy, e.g.: BALLETSCHOOL

55 Name from the French for "beloved": AMY

56 Zip: BRIO

57 Bounded: LEAPT

61 Musical buzzer: KAZOO

63 Kyra Sedgwick TV title role: THECLOSER

66 Abrasive mineral: EMERY

67 Quick correction: UNDO

68 Diamond figure: NINE

69 Carpentry grooves: DADOS

70 Quiet "Yo": PSST

71 One way to go: EASY


1 __ mining: DATA

2 The whole shebang: ATOZ

3 How some close NFL games are won: INOT

4 Pump bottoms: SOLES

5 "Not feelin' it": NAH

6 The Great Emancipator, familiarly: ABE

7 Frequent De Niro co-star: PESCI

8 Tall story? ATTIC

9 "Scoot along, now": OFFYOUGO

10 Soul seller: KIA

11 Come rain or come shine: ALLWEATHER

12 C&W strings: PEDALSTEEL

13 Clubs seen near woods: IRONS

18 Sputnik letters: CCCP

22 Hip-hop article: THA

25 More: ELSE

26 Guitar string option: NYLON

27 Gentle gaits: TROTS

28 Beginner's lesson: ABCS

29 Nassau rum drink: BAHAMAMAMA

30 Like raw 1-Down: UNANALYZED

34 Gourmet gastropod: SNAIL

36 Storied abduction craft: UFO

37 Internet funding: ECASH

39 Big favors: ASKS

41 Handhelds that debuted in 1989: GAMEBOYS

42 Texter's "Too funny!": LMAO

47 Orchestra sect.: STR

49 Interview: POLL

51 __ beans: BAKED

52 Abs-strengthening exercise: SITUP

53 Attorney Roy and sports anchor Linda: COHNS

54 Spaghetti Western director Sergio: LEONE

58 K2 locale: ASIA

59 Pilot and others: PENS

60 Hoops long shot: TREY

62 Acapulco gold: ORO

64 News VIPs: EDS

65 Barracks unit: COT

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