LA Times Crossword answers Monday 12 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 12 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 12 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 On the __: broken: FRITZ

6 Dressed (in): CLAD

10 Quail or turkey, e.g.: FOWL

14 Prefix with economics: MACRO

15 Impulse: URGE

16 "Yeah, sure": IBET

17 Do over 60 in Hawaii, say: SPEED

18 Upsurge: BOOM

19 Null and __: VOID

20 Locomotive operators: TRAINENGINEERS

23 Lao Tzu's "way": TAO

24 Republican org.: GOP

25 Singer for the cops? POLICEINFORMANT

34 Flower painted by van Gogh: IRIS

35 Burns with hot liquid: SCALDS

36 Mai __: TAI

37 One who shuns company: LONER

39 Many a Monopoly prop.: AVE

40 Kick out: EJECT

42 "Brokeback Mountain" director Lee: ANG

43 Snoozing: ASLEEP

46 Rank between viscount and marquis: EARL

47 Gridiron adjudicator: FOOTBALLREFEREE

50 Motor City labor gp.: UAW

51 Preacher's msg.: SER

52 What 20-, 25- and 47-Across all are, in one way or another: WHISTLEBLOWERS

60 Billiards triangle: RACK

61 "Garfield" pooch: ODIE

62 Paradises: EDENS

64 Lotion additive: ALOE

65 __ monster: lizard: GILA

66 "Rabbit food" course: SALAD

67 Remain undecided: PEND

68 Staircase part: STEP

69 Sporty sunroofs: TTOPS


1 Radio choices: FMS

2 Completely engrossed: RAPT

3 Bakery employee: ICER

4 Dissertation: TREATISE

5 It has a dozen signs: ZODIAC

6 Ice tray unit: CUBE

7 Scientologist Hubbard: LRON

8 Intensely eager: AGOG

9 Divine-human hybrid: DEMIGOD

10 Quitting hr. for many: FIVEPM

11 Double-reed instrument: OBOE

12 Flow-altering dam: WEIR

13 Former Ford models: LTDS

21 Thumbs-down votes: NOES

22 Like Eric or Leif: NORSE

25 Rice dish: PILAF

26 Home of the University of Maine: ORONO

27 Jargon: LINGO

28 Poker wager-matching response: ICALL

29 Bellybutton: NAVEL

30 Baseball card rival of Topps: FLEER

31 On __: rampaging: ATEAR

32 Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

33 Owner's document: TITLE

38 Morocco's capital: RABAT

41 Made heckling remarks to: JEEREDAT

44 Snooze loudly: SAWLOGS

45 Mexicali money: PESO

48 Like warthogs and walruses: TUSKED

49 Smallest number: FEWEST

52 Rolled-up sandwich: WRAP

53 In good health: HALE

54 Venerated image: ICON

55 Proofreader's change: EDIT

56 Irascibility: BILE

57 Jump: LEAP

58 Move, in Realtor-speak: RELO

59 Go off the deep end: SNAP

63 Vietnam War protest gp.: SDS

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