LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 12 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Israel Philharmonic music director Zubin: MEHTA

6 Hook-shaped ski lift: JBAR

10 Calculator button: PLUS

14 Common Era starting date: ONEAD

15 Hebrides language: ERSE

16 Low-tech leaf-blower alternative: RAKE

17 Indian town in the Himalayas: DARJEELING

19 "Best Song __": One Direction hit: EVER

20 Flow's partner: EBB

21 The "P" of rock's ELP: PALMER

22 Badlands landform: MESA

23 Angles: SLANTS

25 Spring singer: ROBIN

27 Prefix with graph: TELE

28 Glass of public radio: IRA

31 Dug up dandelions, say: WEEDED

34 Scout's discovery: TALENT

37 There's always a hole in one: GREEN

38 Hot state: IRE

41 Spy film poison: CYANIDE

43 Record label for Pink: RCA

44 Facebook option: SHARE

46 Surfer's gadget: REMOTE

48 Gourmet mushrooms: MORELS

50 D.C. bigwig: SEN

51 "Unique everything" website: ETSY

55 Peruvian pack animal: LLAMA

57 Not quite spherical: OBLATE

59 Hence: ERGO

61 Divination: AUGURY

64 Med. centers for former soldiers: VAS

65 Actress Sorvino: MIRA

66 Pay attention to detail ... and, homophonically, what three pairs of puzzle answers do: CROSSTHETS

68 Treated, as a sprain: ICED

69 Some jewelry stores, informally: KAYS

70 Chill-causing: EERIE

71 Small dogs: TOYS

72 Lightly burn: SEAR

73 Brings into harmony: SYNCS


1 Disinclined to brag: MODEST

2 Provide power to: ENABLE

3 Like some shampoos: HERBAL

4 __ Mahal: TAJ

5 Highly skilled: ADEPT

6 Take shape: JELL

7 Fedora feature: BRIM

8 Ed with Emmys: ASNER

9 Sprout anew: REGROW

10 English football's __ League: PREMIER

11 Massage therapy oil type: LAVENDER

12 Luau strings: UKES

13 Blood bank fluids: SERA

18 How a cinch is done: EASILY

24 After-tax amount: NET

26 Give rise to: BEGET

29 Stern: REAR

30 Two of Henry VIII's wives: ANNES

32 Common Market initials: EEC

33 Genetic matter: DNA

35 Big name in fast trains: ACELA

36 Umpire's cry: TIME

38 Dogma: ISM

39 Greek consonant: RHO

40 William IV's prime minister: EARLGREY

42 Certain angels: DONORS

45 Winds new film into: RELOADS

47 Ribbonlike fish: EEL

49 Slaps sharply: SMACKS

52 Bar: TAVERN

53 Harsh criticism: STATIC

54 Toadies' answers: YESSES

56 Subtle glows: AURAE

58 Hard-drive units: BYTES

59 Put forth: EMIT

60 P.R. part: RICO

62 "La maja desnuda" painter: GOYA

63 Cold War letters: USSR

67 "Hold it!": HEY

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