LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Baseball Hall of Famer Speaker: TRIS

5 Big name in interstellar communication: UHURA

10 Window part: SASH

14 Rope fiber: HEMP

15 Weighs an empty container on, as a deli scale: TARES

16 Oberlin's state: OHIO

17 "Frozen" sister: ELSA

18 Early 2010s Mideast anti-government movement: ARABSPRING


22 American Red Cross founder: BARTON

23 Silently understood: TACIT

27 Creative nuggets: IDEAS

28 "Me too": ASAMI

32 "Te __": Rihanna song: AMO


36 Giants manager before Bochy: ALOU

39 "Two Women" Oscar winner: LOREN

40 Valentine letters: XOXO


44 Number one woman? EVE

45 Plan B lead-in: IFNOT

46 CBS news anchor Barnett: ERROL

50 It's in your jeans: DENIM

52 Gap: LACUNA


58 Yellow mollusk that became the U.C. Santa Cruz mascot: BANANASLUG

61 Booted, say: SHOD

62 __ rug: AREA

63 Oozy stuff: SLIME

64 "Hands off!": MINE

65 __ chic: GEEK

66 Big name in baseball cards: TOPPS

67 Fortuneteller: SEER


1 DOJ division since 1908: THEFBI

2 Browser's circular arrow function: RELOAD

3 "No doubt about it!": IMSURE

4 Gladiator played by Kirk Douglas: SPARTACUS

5 Jazz aficionado? UTAHN

6 Angelic strings: HARP

7 Risk territory between Ukraine and Siberia: URAL

8 First name in country: REBA

9 Org.: ASSN

10 Ish: SORTA

11 Big tuna: AHI

12 Do wrong: SIN

13 Refuse to share: HOG

19 __ four: small cake: PETIT

21 Peter of reggae: TOSH

24 Mexican resort, for short: CABO

25 Big-screen format: IMAX

26 Capa attacker: TORO

28 Some kind of a nut: ACORN

29 Kevin who played Hercules on TV: SORBO

30 On one's toes: ALERT

31 Premier League rival of Arsenal, familiarly: MANU

34 "Frozen" snowman: OLAF

35 Ways of dealing with inner demons? EXORCISMS

36 Made like: APED

37 Word with bird or nest: LOVE

38 Go first: OPEN

42 Pumbaa's "The Lion King" pal: TIMON

43 __ tide: NEAP

47 Foster of folk music: RUTHIE

48 Impossible NFL score: ONEONE

49 Pantry: LARDER

51 "Wicked Game" singer Chris: ISAAK

52 Olympic racers: LUGES

54 CondŽ __: NAST

55 Nobel ceremony city: OSLO

56 Lose one's cool: FLIP

57 Leap: JUMP

58 Carry-on unit: BAG

59 "__ you serious?": ARE

60 Used to be called: NEE

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