LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Victorian constraint on women? CORSET

7 Certain lookout's concern: SQUADCAR

15 Gamer's guise: AVATAR

16 Home terrarium area, perhaps: SUNPORCH

17 Create: DEVISE

18 Crunchy low-calorie snack: RICECAKE

19 Like yesterday's news, relatively: RECENT

21 XXXII, quintupled: CLX

22 "__ Can Cook": PBS show: YAN

23 In-on-the-joke indicator: WINK

24 Get emotional, with "up": CHOKE

26 Centers of attention: FOCI

27 Spots at the prom? ACNE

28 Traces: HINTS

29 Plural used for people but not animals: ELKS

30 Wine list clarification: YEAR

31 Ancient portico: STOA

32 Break-even situation: WASH

33 First name in Canadian whisky: HIRAM

34 Lose energy: FLAG

38 B-bravo link: ASIN

39 Recedes: EBBS

43 Word in some European country names: LAND

44 English subject: USAGE

46 Russian veto: NYET

47 "No time to lose!": ASAP

48 David's "Frasier" role: NILES

49 "The younger rises when the old doth __": "King Lear": FALL

50 Poor start? MAL

51 Cash source: ATM

52 Longtime beverage sponsor for the New York Mets: RCCOLA

54 Solo travels? EGOTRIPS

57 "Darn it!": OHRATS

59 Awkward: UNGAINLY

60 Hurtle: ROCKET

61 Corridors, e.g.: PASSAGES

62 Academically stylish: TWEEDY


1 Hardly a nice guy: CAD

2 Not neat: OVERICE

3 Northern Italian city near the Adriatic: RAVENNA

4 Kind of a shock? STICKER

5 Minimal effort: EASE

6 __ coat: TRENCH

7 Pre-1991 atlas initials: SSR


9 Symbol since the War of 1812: UNCLESAM

10 Top: APEX

11 Bespectacled "Snow White" figure: DOC

12 Company that trademarked Silly Putty: CRAYOLA

13 Nickname for antiaircraft guns: ACKACKS

14 Like the area along a German river: RHENISH

20 "Child's play!": THISISSIMPLE

23 Method: WAY

25 Facing charges: ONTRIAL

26 Select group? FEW

33 Hard to forget, as a melody: HAUNTING

34 Catch fire dramatically: FLAMEUP

35 Layered entre: LASAGNA

36 Closely related things: ANALOGS

37 Econ. indicator: GDP

39 Assure compliance with: ENFORCE

40 Where some picnicking takes place: BYALAKE

41 After the event: BELATED

42 Letters on a Cardinal's cap: STL

45 Go along with: ESCORT

51 Verdi creation: ARIA

53 Eats: CHOW

55 Prof's helpers: TAS

56 Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYS

58 Farm enclosure: STY

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