LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 12 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Guitarist Paul: LES

4 Flamboyant Dame: EDNA

8 Play with a receiver: PASS

12 Chance to roll the dice, say: TURN

16 In the archives: ONFILE

19 Wishes undone: RUES

20 Specialty: AREA

21 Customizable cookie: OREO

22 Ship's accountant: PURSER

23 Like members of Gamblers Anonymous? AGAINSTALLODDS

26 Tiny racer: SLOTCAR

28 Resort town NNE of Santa Fe: TAOS

29 Chopin wrote a "Revolutionary" one: ETUDE

30 Assembled: MET

31 Put-__: masquerades: ONS

34 Former British automaker: RELIANT

38 Autumn flower: ASTER

40 Like a popular crusader: CAPED

43 King Cole and others: OLDSOULS

47 Federal biomedical agcy.: NIH

48 Like a church deacon? ABOVETHEFOLD

52 Draft status: ONEA

53 What a shortage suggests: NEED

55 "This is the truth": ICANTLIE

56 Hang out in the sun: LETDRY

58 "Splendor in the Grass" screenwriter: INGE

59 First name in Israeli statehood: GOLDA

60 Plagued: GNAWED

63 Sister of the moon goddess Selene: EOS

64 Listening aid: EARBUD

66 Wafer brand: NECCO

67 "The Far Side" cartoonist Larson: GARY

69 Like a balloon company with a depleted helium supply? OUTOFTHEIRELEMENT

75 Subdue, as a color: MUTE

76 Sailor's "Stop!": AVAST

77 Utah national park: ARCHES

80 Beach tone: TAN

81 Cheap hooch: ROTGUT

83 Muff: BOTCH

87 Rope material: HEMP

88 Cello-supporting rod: ENDPIN

90 Support for a big top: TENTPOLE

92 Boo-boo: OWIE

93 Aspersion: SLUR

94 Like one shopping for disposable phones? AFTERBURNERS

98 List-ending abbr.: ETC

99 Saturn moon named for a Titan: HYPERION

101 Yoga posture: ASANA

102 Get a load of: AMASS

104 American League East city: TORONTO

107 Farm clucker: HEN

108 Back muscle, briefly: LAT

109 Three-time Tony winner Rivera: CHITA

112 Sitar music: RAGA

115 Classic jazz nickname: SATCHMO

119 Like supporters of a Seattle daily? BEHINDTHETIMES

125 One-dimensional: LINEAR

126 Seven-time Wimbledon winner: GRAF

127 "Relax, I'll take care of it!": OKOK

128 European luxury wheels: BMWS

129 Eye: PEERAT

130 Soul mate? BODY

131 Gear teeth: COGS

132 Dutch word meaning "farmer": BOER

133 Bank deposit, perhaps: ORE


1 Directory name: LISTEE

2 Sister of Orestes: ELECTRA

3 Flu fighters: SERA

4 Horse-and-buggy, e.g.: ERA

5 Enjoyed, in slang: DUG

6 Bar order: NEAT

7 Actor __ Kate Dillon of "Billions": ASIA

8 So last year: PASSE

9 Museum focus: ART

10 Raft, or where you might see one: SEA

11 Actor Mineo: SAL

12 Toddler's train sound: TOOTTOOT

13 Pakistani tongue: URDU

14 Comedian Foxx: REDD

15 Wine quality: NOSE

16 Special or black follower: OPS

17 Nada, to Noël: NUL

18 Like sausage's main ingredients? FROMTHEGROUNDUP

24 Easter opening? NOR

25 Camera option: LENS

27 Ornate 18th-century style: ROCOCO

32 Kind of architect: NAVAL

33 Opposite of save: SPEND

35 WC: LOO

36 Poorly: ILL

37 Throw into confusion: ADDLE

38 "It's the Hard-Knock Life" soloist: ANNIE

39 Tuscany city: SIENA

41 Blues singer James: ETTA

42 FedEx rival: DHL

44 Like one caught in a storm? UNDERTHEWEATHER

45 Brown in a Croce song: LEROY

46 Opines, for instance: SAYS

49 Beehive, e.g.: BIGDO

50 Peak in an Eastwood movie: EIGER

51 Fight with foils: FENCE

54 Coming-out: DEBUT

57 Lawn tool: EDGER

61 Commonly injured knee part, briefly: ACL

62 Trouble: WOE

65 Where embryos grow: UTERI

66 Annual coll. hoops competition: NIT

68 Dried chili pepper: ANCHO

70 Budgetary excess: FAT

71 Family-friendly rating: TVG

72 __ cuisine: HAUTE

73 Dimethyl sulfate, e.g.: ESTER

74 "Politically Incorrect" host: MAHER

75 Virile: MANLY

78 Throws off: EMITS

79 Technical details: SPECS

80 New Age pianist John: TESH

82 Walking __: ONAIR

83 Heat meas.: BTUS

84 Talk show host in the National Women's Hall of Fame: OPRAH

85 Metric weight: TONNE

86 Bankrupts, with "out": CLEANS

89 Spruce up: PRETTIFY

91 Magic org.: NBA

95 Rock's __ Fighters: FOO

96 Old Opry network: TNN

97 More crude, language-wise: SALTIER

100 Stable color: ROAN

103 Rigg co-star on "The Avengers": MACNEE

105 Long hikes: TREKS

106 Muesli morsel: OAT

109 Longtime NYC punk rock club: CBGB

110 Sub: HERO

111 "If __ a Hammer": IHAD

113 The "Gee" in Bee Gees: GIBB

114 Water, in some pistols: AMMO

116 Purina rival: ALPO

117 Goat quote: MAA

118 Table scrap: ORT

120 Sleepy cohort? DOC

121 Ref's ruling: TKO

122 Slop slurper: HOG

123 Fleecy one: EWE

124 Ukr., once: SSR

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