LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 12 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 12 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Unflappability: APLOMB

7 Responds to an alarm: AWAKES

13 Bliss: ECSTASY

20 Counterman? GEIGER

21 On deck: UPNEXT

22 "Raging Bull" fighter: LAMOTTA

23 Trust builder? ESTATEPLANNER

25 Clink: SLAMMER

26 Sent messages, before faxes and email: TELEXED

27 Bit of body art: TAT

29 Julia of "Legends of the Fall": ORMOND

30 Meat cut: LOIN

31 Result of losing two points, perhaps: LOVETHIRTY

35 Convey: IMPART

38 Descendant of the English Bulldog: BOXER

39 Son of Donald: ERIC

40 Shares an email with: CCS

43 Pigeon hangouts: SILLS

44 Voice of T's Fat Albert: COSBY

45 Get online shopping help, say: HAVEACHAT

47 Sports org. with three major divisions: NCAA

48 Student of Socrates: PLATO

49 Hired car: TAXI

50 TV exec Arledge: ROONE

51 Tolkien monster: ORC

52 Concern for gardeners: FROSTWARNING

55 Protest gone bad: RIOT

56 Piggy: TOE

57 Gambling game: LOTTO

58 Veers: ZAGS

59 Pound units: OUNCES

61 Urban of country: KEITH

63 Rooting area: STY

64 Shot with English: MASSE

65 Reach by schooner, say: SAILTO

67 Canal through Oneida Lake: ERIE

69 Half of a record: BSIDE

71 Trap that's spun: WEB

74 Gremlins, e.g.: AMCS

75 Wriggler on a hook: NIGHTCRAWLER

78 __-Wan Kenobi: OBI

79 Some price changes: HIKES

81 Whoop-de-__: lively parties: DOOS

82 WWII issue: EBOND

83 Suffix with Jumbo: TRON

84 Glacial expanses: ICESHEETS

86 Night noise: SNORE

87 Edge along: SIDLE

88 Happy hour sponsor: BAR

89 Kyrgyzstan range: ALAI

90 Refrigerant trade name: FREON

91 Troubles: NAGSAT

92 Teacher's bane, at times: CLASSCLOWN

94 Celebrity: FAME

95 Like Jack and Jill, ultimately: FALLEN

98 __ lepton: physics particle: TAU

99 Fiber source: OATBRAN

102 The littlest bit: ONEIOTA

104 Mozart's "The Hunt," for one: STRINGQUARTET

109 Verify: CONFIRM

110 Colored tee, perhaps: TIEDYE

111 Bawled (out): REAMED

112 Aflutter: INAFLAP

113 Hill group: SENATE

114 Border maintainers: EDGERS


1 Time of one's life: AGE

2 Fruit fly or gnat: PEST

3 Loser's ad word: LITE

4 Nebraska city named for a Native American tribe: OGALLALA

5 Streakers in showers: METEORS

6 Withdrawal in 2016 headlines: BREXIT

7 "Should __ acquaintance ... ": AULD

8 FDR program: WPA

9 Gothic novelist Radcliffe: ANN

10 Understanding: KEN

11 Oxford college: EXETER

12 Classic Fender guitar, briefly: STRAT

13 Golfing countryman of Player: ELS

14 Unit of heat: CALORIE

15 Diminutive two-seater: SMARTCAR

16 "Pinball Wizard" opera: TOMMY

17 Spherical opening? ATMO

18 WWII British firearm: STEN

19 Spot to spot Spot: YAID

24 See 25-Across: PEN

28 WWII alliance: THEAXIS

31 Was beaten by: LOSTTO

32 U-shaped river bend: OXBOW

33 "Oy __!": VEY

34 Monte of Cooperstown: IRVIN

35 Schoolyard argument: ISNOT

36 Itsy-bitsy: MICRO

37 Any one of the NFL's top 25 career scoring leaders: PLACEKICKER

38 Bit of braggadocio: BOAST

40 They're spoken in anger: CHOICEWORDS

41 Transport for Chingachgook: CANOE

42 Editors' marks: STETS

44 Quilter's need: CLOTH

45 Dangle: HANG

46 Pedal problems: CORNS

48 Subatomic particle: PROTON

49 Serving convenience: TRAY

52 Flutter by like a butterfly: FLIT

53 Templo Mayor builder: AZTEC

54 Driven to act: GOADED

60 Tablet buyer, usually: USER

62 "It's nobody __ business": ELSES

63 Poses: SITS

64 Pooh creator: MILNE

65 Ahmedabad address: SAHIB

66 Livorno lady friend: AMICA

67 Hard one to work with: EGOTIST

68 P-like letters: RHOS

69 Thick-furred primate: BABOON

70 Like court testimony: SWORN

72 Virus first identified in Zaire: EBOLA

73 IQ test pioneer: BINET

76 Thoughts: IDEAS

77 Extend one's Self? RENEW

80 Petroleum produced from rock fragments: SHALEOIL

83 Jazz standard that became an LSU fight song: TIGERRAG

85 Hyundai compact: ELANTRA

86 "No seats" letters: SRO

87 Performed a ballroom dance: SAMBAED

90 1984 Heisman Trophy winner Doug: FLUTIE

91 The great outdoors: NATURE

92 Site of an ascent: CLIFF

93 Playbill listings: CASTS

94 60-Down's info source: FAQ

95 Central points: FOCI

96 In short order, in verse: ANON

97 Dunham of "Girls": LENA

99 Ornate arch: OGEE

100 My way: ATME

101 __-do-well: NEER

103 Band accessory: AMP

105 Neurotic toon pooch: REN

106 Potato source: Abbr.: IDA

107 Paper read on the LIRR, perhaps: NYT

108 Cardinal points, briefly? TDS

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