LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Home on the range: RANCH

6 Hardly wimpy: MACHO

11 Film watcher's channel: TMC

14 Take the honey and run: ELOPE

15 "Encore!": AGAIN

16 √Čvian water: EAU

17 *Power outage standbys: GASLANTERNS

19 Digital readout, for short: LCD

20 Up the creek: INASPOT

21 "I, Claudius" star Jacobi: DEREK

23 RSVP part: SIL

24 *"I don't care if you made plans, cancel them": GETOUTOFIT

28 Airplane assignment: SEAT

31 Escape: LAM

32 Man-to-man defense alternative: ZONE

33 Treat like a dog? PET

35 Place for a "ped" to cross: XING

38 Bobbsey girl: NAN

39 *Morally upright person: STRAIGHTARROW

43 __-fi: SCI

44 Big rig: SEMI

45 Bandleader Lombardo: GUY

46 Beanery sign: EATS

48 Ticker tape letters? EKG

50 Award adjective: BEST

53 *Stretch between two Bushes: CLINTONERA

57 "Huh!?": WHA

59 __ squash: ACORN

60 Language spoken by Jesus: ARAMAIC

63 Bygone airline: TWA

64 Ballpark brushback, perhaps ... and a hint to each set of circled letters: INSIDEPITCH

67 Rock's Fleetwood __: MAC

68 Code name: MORSE

69 Driving instructor's urgent reminder: BRAKE

70 "Hometown Proud" supermarket chain: IGA

71 Weapon with a hilt: SWORD

72 Fills completely: SATES


1 TV host Philbin: REGIS

2 "Jagged Little Pill" co-songwriter Morissette: ALANIS

3 Old register key: NOSALE

4 They report to sgts.: CPLS

5 Pile: HEAP

6 Barbie's company: MATTEL

7 Get on in years: AGE

8 Aries or Taurus: CAR

9 Like many yoga practitioners: HINDU

10 Beginning: ONSET

11 Ringer in la casa: TELEFONO

12 Wool coat that is often plaid: MACKINAW

13 Something to chew: CUD

18 Holiday quaff: NOG

22 Cartoonist Chast: ROZ

25 Source of increased government revenue: TAXHIKE

26 Overlook: OMIT

27 Common base: TEN

29 Auto financing abbr.: APR

30 Afternoon affairs: TEAS

34 Even score: TIE

36 Pester: NAG

37 Pub __: casual fare: GRUB

39 Rascal: SCALAWAG

40 Bolivian border lake: TITICACA

41 Fed. agents: GMEN

42 Deli choice: RYE

43 Brief time: SEC

47 __-Caps: candy: SNO

49 Marked for the class: GRADED

51 Go after, as a fly: SWATAT

52 "The Masked Singer" judge Robin: THICKE

54 Cuts back: TRIMS

55 Currently airing: ONNOW

56 "All bets __ off": ARE

58 Flu symptoms: ACHES

61 LAPD alerts: APBS

62 Actress Sorvino: MIRA

63 Texter's "No more details!": TMI

65 Sellout letters: SRO

66 Leb. neighbor: ISR

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