LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 12 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gets debriefed? STRIPS

7 One that may come from Yale: PADLOCK

14 Exactly as planned: TOATEE

15 Hot sauce with a rooster logo: SRIRACHA

16 __ Ravenclaw, founder of a Hogwarts house: ROWENA

17 Like one who can't even hit an easy pitch: TONEDEAF

18 Matter makeup: ATOMS

19 Galoot: LOUT

20 Like some humor or meat: DARK

21 Causes: WHYS

22 Conciliatory gestures: SOPS

23 "Enemy of the State" org.: NSA

24 Snacks on: HAS

25 They circle worlds: EQUATORS

29 Behave: ACT

30 Stopped working, as an engine: QUIT

31 Celebratory bar buys: ROUNDS

35 Miniseries given a 5-star rating (out of 6) by Magnus Carlsen: THEQUEENSGAMBIT

38 Croatia neighbor: SERBIA

39 Autumn gemstone: OPAL

40 Carrier to Osaka: ANA

41 Wide receiver, historically: SPLITEND

43 Scuba diver's item: FIN

44 Name-linking trio: AKA

47 "__ a Bad Mama Jama": 1981 Carl Carlton hit: SHES

48 Care: MIND

49 Norse prankster: LOKI

51 Stopped at a base, in a way: SLID

52 1980 Crichton lost-world novel: CONGO

53 Exam involving a pupil: IRISSCAN

55 Lake on the California/Arizona border: HAVASU

56 Comics hero's weapon: BATARANG

57 Folded dish: OMELET

58 Briefly: INAWORD

59 Razzie winners: WORSTS


1 Boaters, e.g.: STRAWHATS

2 Canine woe: TOOTHACHE

3 Shucked edible: RAWOYSTER

4 Express lane sign word: ITEMS

5 Source of some black and blue marks: PENS

6 Java __: SEA

7 "Remembrance of Things Past" author: PROUST

8 Informal negative: AINT

9 Dr. without a degree: DRE

10 Actress Cheryl: LADD

11 Indian __: OCEAN

12 Seals in the juices of: CHARS

13 "All language is but a poor translation" author: KAFKA

15 Do whatever it takes: STOPATNOTHING

19 Disney duck: LOUIE

22 Delighted sound: SQUEAL

25 Furnish: EQUIP

26 Hearts, e.g.: ORGANS

27 "The BFG" author Dahl: ROALD

28 (In) brief: SUM

32 Bulls dominated them in the '90s: NBAFINALS

33 China can be found in one: DININGSET

34 Humdingers: STANDOUTS

36 Montana et al.: Abbr.: QBS

37 Arrival time factor: SPEED

42 Kitchen prep spot: ISLAND

44 It may check out: ALIBI

45 Arabic holy book: KORAN

46 Breed in "Hachi: A Dog's Tale": AKITA

48 Dolly user: MOVER

50 Part of Caesar's boast: ISAW

51 Toon lion voiced by Jeremy Irons: SCAR

52 Grunt wear: CAMO

54 Sellout letters: SRO

55 Method: HOW

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