LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 12 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Buccaneers' home: TAMPA

6 Silly bird: GOOSE

11 Revolting word? ICK

14 Plane read: EBOOK

15 Large grouping: ARRAY

16 Pen user: CON

17 Miss America runner-up? SILVERBELLE

19 Part of a royal flush: ACE

20 Anastasia __, "Fifty Shades of Grey" character: STEELE

21 Emergency signal: SOS

22 Frosted flakes: SNOW

23 Called up: RANG

25 "Unsafe at Any Speed" author: NADER

27 Put in order: SORT

30 Fab alternative: ERA

32 Special Forces trademarks: BERETS

35 Legendary horse tale setting: TROY

36 Passage for the birds? AVIANFLUE

38 Gold, in Granada: ORO

39 "My bad": SOSORRY

41 Wartime prez: ABE

42 Little Jack Horner's dream? LIFEOFPIE

44 Proofreading mark: STET

45 Overwhelm: ENGULF

46 Biological building block: DNA

48 Flight-related prefix: AERO

49 Emerged: AROSE

51 Carrier that doesn't fly on the Sabbath: ELAL

53 Order with tzatziki sauce: GYRO

55 Some Samsung TVs: HDS

57 "Yay, me!": IDIDIT

61 Fishing __: ROD

62 Emulating the writing style of "The Quiet American"? GOINGGREENE

64 Weaken, perhaps: AGE

65 Jack's links rival: ARNIE

66 Start a correction process: ERASE

67 Secret competitor: BAN

68 Bounded: LEAPT

69 Ice cream purchases: PINTS


1 Hardy heroine: TESS

2 Minimally: ABIT

3 Lawn disruption: MOLE

4 "The parent of revolution and crime": Aristotle: POVERTY

5 Cub Scout leader: AKELA

6 Yak: GAB

7 Miner matters: ORES

8 DuPont acrylic: ORLON

9 Mexican buffet feature: SALSABAR

10 Contact's spot: EYE

11 "Tell me about it": ICANRELATE

12 Nickname for late-night host O'Brien: COCO

13 Didn't just think: KNEW

18 Russo of "The Intern": RENE

22 Feudal grunt: SERF

24 Comprehend: GRASP

26 Shoot down: DENY

27 Ripped off: STOLE

28 Longtime Utah senator Hatch: ORRIN

29 Area for urban growth: ROOFGARDEN

31 Get around: AVOID

33 Potato, e.g.: TUBER

34 Look after: SEETO

37 Goddess of peace: IRENE

39 Red cup brand: SOLO

40 Like some oil rigs: OFFSHORE

43 Mark's successor: EURO

44 "Amadeus" narrator: SALIERI

47 Eccentric Sacha Baron Cohen persona: ALIG

50 Twin Cities suburb that hosted the 2008 U.S. Women's Open: EDINA

52 Madison Ave. agent: ADREP

53 Snatch: GRAB

54 Discipline with poses: YOGA

56 Cut: SNIP

58 Big man on campus: DEAN

59 Caltech, e.g.: Abbr.: INST

60 Golf tournament souvenirs: TEES

62 Country miss: GAL

63 Comprehend: GET

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