LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Likelihood of success: PROSPECTS

10 __ change: CHUMP

15 Ritz offering: HOTELROOM

16 Award, say: HONOR

17 Confides in: OPENSUPTO

18 Invest, as with a quality: ENDUE

19 Word reportedly coined in Seuss' "If I Ran the Zoo": NERD

20 Glimpse: PEEK

21 Ideal places: EDENS

22 Puts on the right track: ORIENTS

24 Trade talk subjects: EXPORTS

26 Qtr. components: MOS

27 1991 political thriller with eight Oscar nominations: JFK

28 It may be flat: FEE

29 Latin 101 word: AMAT

31 Sensitive subjects: SORESPOTS

34 It doesn't require a long answer: QUICKQUESTION

36 One may include three kings: FULLHOUSE

37 Official records: ACTA

38 Chinese zodiac critter: RAT

39 Hit in a box: BAT

40 Cartoonist Browne: DIK

41 Flies: AVIATES

44 Party store stock: PINATAS

48 British bishop's topper: MITRE

49 Hustles: HIES

51 Essence: CORE

52 Conservatory exercise: ETUDE

53 Strength, in a "1984" slogan: IGNORANCE

55 Gas that glows when condensed: RADON

56 Connected on LinkedIn, say: NETWORKED

57 Clairvoyants: SEERS

58 Family guys: GRANDDADS


1 Player of singles: PHONO

2 Rodeo competitor: ROPER

3 "Scary Movie" actress Cheri: OTERI

4 Correspond, in a way: SENDEMAIL

5 TY may follow it: PLS

6 Goes off: ERUPTS

7 Manages: COPES

8 Lug: TOTE

9 Like many American workplaces: SMOKEFREE

10 Pet store sound: CHEEP

11 1953 John Wayne film: HONDO

12 In the way: UNDERFOOT

13 The Italians call it Mongibello: MOUNTETNA

14 Pushes (for): PRESSES

23 Top-__: NOTCH

25 Classic sports cars: XKES

27 Tilter's milieu: JOUST

29 Eau de vie counterpart: AQUAVITAE

30 Legion: MULTITUDE

31 Suppressing: SQUASHING

32 Soil: STAIN

33 Magician's directive: PICKACARD

35 Asian beef source: KOBE

36 Constitution bigwigs: FRAMERS

40 Repudiate: DISOWN

42 Passion: ARDOR

43 Some Gen Z-ers: TEENS

44 Prefix with gram: PENTA

45 Maker of the Mighty Dump: TONKA

46 Curving: ARCED

47 Cluster of sunflowers: SEEDS

50 Disney CEO since 2005: IGER

54 Angling need: ROD

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