LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 12 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gauchos' gear: BOLAS

6 Postpone: DEFER

11 Shakespearean possessive: THY

14 Pass a test with flying colors: ACEIT

15 __ Lodge: ECONO

16 Tint: HUE

17 1994 Best New Artist Grammy winner's winged pet? SHERYLSCROW

19 Noteworthy time: ERA

20 Drives up the wall: IRKS

21 Word with filter or field: OIL

22 Google __: EARTH

24 Retirement fund: NESTEGG

26 Causing the heebie-jeebies: EERIE

28 "La La Land" actor's winged pet? RYANSGOSLING

32 "1984" antagonist: OBRIEN

35 Got the pot: WON

36 Also: TOO

37 Backing-up warnings: BEEPS

38 Auntie, to mom: SIS

39 Sheepish? OVINE

41 "__ say!": ILL

42 Quagmire: BOG

43 Sees, and then some: RAISES

44 "Shake It Off" singer's winged pet? TAYLORSSWIFT

48 Arctic abode: IGLOO

49 Biblical shout of praise: HOSANNA

53 Lost strength: WANED

55 It may be called: BET

56 Defensive ditch: MOAT

57 "I need a __": HUG

58 "Network" Oscar winner's winged pet? PETERSFINCH

62 Kerfuffle: ADO

63 "Superman" actor: REEVE

64 Start of el año: ENERO

65 Bronze component: TIN

66 Gives the green light: OKAYS

67 Sees: DATES


1 Tidal low area: BASIN

2 Yellowish shade: OCHRE

3 Onion relatives: LEEKS

4 Landing site: AIRSTRIP

5 Farm structure: STY

6 Pattern: DESIGN

7 Bk. after Proverbs: ECCL

8 In favor of: FOR

9 Music producer Brian: ENO

10 Coxswain's charges: ROWERS

11 Pointer's proclamation: THEREITIS

12 Damage: HURT

13 "Uh-huh": YEAH

18 Easternmost major U.S. airport: LOGAN

23 Plague: AIL

25 Seers? EYES

26 Big heads? EGOS

27 Dog's age, so to speak: EON

29 Gulps: SWIGS

30 Squat: NONE

31 Leaves: GOES

32 Last bio: OBIT

33 Horror film first name: BELA

34 Putting one's faith in: RELYINGON

38 Middling: SOSO

39 Big galoots: OAFS

40 Nutrient abundant in liver: VITAMINA

42 Dude: BRO

43 Rolling-in-the-aisles causes: RIOTS

45 Tee size: Abbr.: LGE

46 Seasoned expert: OLDPRO

47 Waldo forerunner? WHERES

50 Large chamber ensemble: NONET

51 Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

52 Oldest Musketeer: ATHOS

53 "__ now?": WHAT

54 Volkswagen subsidiary: AUDI

55 Bunch of beauties: BEVY

59 Comics shriek: EEK

60 Green or black beverage: TEA

61 Sustained: FED

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