LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 12 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Place for fuzzy navels: BAR

4 Plots of land: TRACTS

10 Animated internet pics: GIFS

14 Whopper, but not a Big Mac: LIE

15 Reconciled: MADEUP

16 "You said it, sister!": AMEN

17 Safari find: URL

18 *Annual kids' competition aired by ESPN: SPELLINGBEE

20 Kazan who directed Marlon in his first Oscar role: ELIA

22 Crème de la crème: ELITE

23 Neruda's "__ to Common Things": ODE

24 *Excursion that may require permission slips: FIELDTRIP

27 Not as well-done: RARER

29 Not hidden: INVIEW

30 Airfield fixtures: TOWERS

31 Bridal bio term: NEE

32 Reader at Mass: LECTOR

36 Pigs out (on), briefly: ODS

37 *Evacuation exercise: FIREDRILL

39 Sergeant's address: SIR

41 Balkan first-timer in the 2016 Olympics: KOSOVO

42 Vandalize: MAR

45 Oasis visitors: CAMELS

47 Urbana-Champaign "Fighting" team: ILLINI

49 What might make a Cardinal an Oriole: TRADE

50 *Year-end hurdle: FINALEXAM

53 Wood cutter: SAW

54 Maine college town: ORONO

56 Understands: GETS

57 Group lawsuit ... and what each answer to a starred clue is? CLASSACTION

61 Homeric outburst: DOH

62 Dynamic leader? AERO

63 Crunchy breakfast: MUESLI

64 "Just sayin'," in texts: IMO

65 Must have: NEED

66 Out in a hammock? ASLEEP

67 Empire St. paper: NYT


1 Much sushi- and sashimi-grade tuna: BLUEFIN

2 Southwest, e.g.: AIRLINE

3 Take over for: RELIEVE

4 Corp. symbols: TMS

5 Eschew the doorbell: RAP

6 Like __ in the headlights: ADEER

7 Ma's strings: CELLI

8 Showy April bloom: TULIP

9 Shish kebab holder: SPIT

10 __ rule: GAG

11 "There's nothing to do": IMBORED

12 Birdseed buffets: FEEDERS

13 Contemptuous looks: SNEERS

19 Fiddling emperor: NERO

21 Liston opponent: ALI

25 Where heros are made: DELI

26 Sexy dance moves: TWERKS

28 Mil. no-show: AWOL

30 "Jeopardy!" fare: TRIVIA

33 VIP with a corner office, perhaps: CEO

34 NFL six-pointers: TDS

35 Guatemala gold: ORO

37 Mister Rogers: FRED

38 Take it easy: LOLL

39 Mrs. Smith's rival: SARALEE

40 "It's not news to me ... ": IMAWARE

42 Blended: MIXEDIN

43 Gray area? ANATOMY

44 Drummer's sound after a one-liner: RIMSHOT

45 Med. imaging procedure: CTSCAN

46 Some summer births: LEOS

48 Triangle side: LEG

50 Prepare to shoot with a Canon: FOCUS

51 Maker of chips: INTEL

52 Cacophony: NOISE

55 Major Hindu deity: RAMA

58 Lawn roll: SOD

59 Bullring cry: OLE

60 Puppy bite: NIP

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