LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Getaway spots: SPAS

5 Prefix with phobia: AGORA

10 2012 Best Picture: ARGO

14 Subside: EASE

15 Place to start an IV: PREOP

16 Accessories: GEAR

17 Yeats' birthplace: ERIN

18 Dissect in class, in a way: PARSE

19 "To share, or not to share?" food brand: EGGO

20 Butters up, maybe: PRAISES

22 Long-haired cats: ANGORAS

24 Prefix with -gon: NONA

25 Zip: NONE

26 Fill in: APPRISE

29 Wintergreen family herb: PINESAP

32 Once called: NEE

33 Assigning to, as blame, with "on": PINNING

35 Multitude: SEA

36 Hoppy brew, briefly: IPA

37 Search tools: ENGINES

38 Apple platform: IOS

39 Formal addressees: SIRS

41 Factions in "West Side Story": GANGS

42 Word in family business names: SONS

43 Former CNN journalist David: ENSOR

45 Misunderstanding metaphor: GAP

46 Pick up: SENSE

47 Bird seen in only one state: NENE

49 Letters near zero: OPER

51 Germane: APROPOS

54 Like some doubts and injuries: NAGGING

58 Polish for "dumplings": PIEROGI

59 Less experienced: GREENER

60 Football's "Boomer": ESIASON

61 Inflation-indexed U.S. savings bond: SERIESI

62 __ Marino: SAN

63 W-2 info: SSN

64 Country spelled with the only nine letters used in this puzzle's answers: SINGAPORE


1 Trickle: SEEP

2 Last of three Catherines: PARR

3 Far East fruit: ASIANPEARS

4 Ranking: SENIOR

5 Settling down: APPEASING

6 French fat: GRAS

7 Anthem word with an apostrophe: OER

8 Parks in American history: ROSA

9 Corno Grande's range: APENNINES

10 Early personal milestone: AGEONE

11 Word in medicine that sounds bad but is often good: REGRESSION

12 Infatuated: GAGA

13 Spanish medals or metals: OROS

21 Take potshots: SNIPE

23 Loud ringers: GONGS

26 Biscotti flavoring: ANISE

27 Jacques of PBS' "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home": PEPIN


29 Goes back and forth: PINGPONGS

30 Long periods: AEONS

31 So yesterday: PASSE

34 1493 Lisbon arrival: NINA

40 Only Mexican state that borders Baja: SONORA

42 Composer Rachmaninoff: SERGEI

44 They get carried away: REPOS

46 "Night Moves" singer: SEGER

48 Scrubbed, as a launch: NOGO

50 Cut back: PARE

51 Parrots: APES

52 City on the Arno: PISA

53 Hold back: REIN

55 Supermodel Sastre: INES

56 Loch of note: NESS

57 Silly look? GRIN

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