LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Throw off: EMIT

5 Like some firs: NOBLE

10 After-school treat: MALT

14 Actress Anderson: LONI

15 Source of net profits? ETAIL

16 Cooking acronym popularized by Rachael Ray: EVOO

17 Emulates Ogden Nash? MINTSWORDS

19 Early light time: DAWN

20 Can't stand: HATES

21 Student of Graham: AILEY

22 "Of course": SUREDO

25 Ones working with ma”tre d's: GARCONS

27 Imagined gifts? PRESENTSOFMIND

30 Word on a dipstick: ADD

31 Country singer Blake who's a coach on "The Voice": SHELTON

32 Noted work: MUSIC

35 Want ad initials: EEO

36 Lies: RESTS

40 Fiber-rich snack: RAISINS

43 Slip in a pot: IOU

44 What cheerleaders lead? SPORTINGCHANTS

48 Remote situation: FARNESS

49 Gets more out of: REUSES

50 Gone by: OFOLD

51 Kooky: WEIRD

53 Gifford's successor on "Live!": RIPA

54 Tracks on a lily pad? FROGPRINTS

59 Rep on the street: CRED

60 Deck with a Hanged Man: TAROT

61 Duck that lends its name to a color: TEAL

62 Wriggling: EELY

63 Golf strokes ... and when combined with 48-Down and divided in four parts, a hint to four puzzle answers: PUTTS

64 Like hunks and knockouts: SEXY


1 West __: upscale store: ELM

2 "Who, me?": MOI

3 Certain keeper's charge: INN

4 Some church contributions: TITHES

5 Units of force: NEWTONS

6 Chiwere-speaking native: OTOE

7 Breakfast snacks: BARS

8 Topper: LID

9 Yellow pair? ELS

10 It requires some orderly help: MEDICINE

11 Toyota model: AVALON

12 Bargain-basement: LOWEND

13 Tommy Tune's ten: TONYS

18 One-named Nigerian singer: SADE

21 Defensive covering: ARMOR

22 WWII supply referred to as "meatloaf without basic training": SPAM

23 Pakistani tongue: URDU

24 Wine list heading: REDS

25 Prepare for a Hail Mary: GOLONG

26 Where to see a wake: AFT

28 Degree requirement, perhaps: THESIS

29 Greet and seat: SEEIN

33 Nickname in late 20th-century British politics: IRONLADY

34 Liked, with "for": CARED

37 Offenses: SINS

38 Schlep: TOTE

39 Unravel, with "out": SUSS

41 TGIF part: ITS

42 Libretto cousins: SCRIPTS

44 "On Language" columnist: SAFIRE

45 Move forward: PROPEL

46 MŸnchen mister: HERR

47 Book reviews: AUDITS

48 Strong-arming: FORCE

51 St.-John's-__: WORT

52 Showbiz award "grand slam": EGOT

54 Uploading letters: FTP

55 India-born author Santha Rama __: RAU

56 Originally: NEE

57 Try: TAX

58 Dodgy, on this side of the pond: SLY

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