LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "We burger as good as we pancake" chain: IHOP

5 Ring-shaped reef: ATOLL

10 www code: HTML

14 The "M" of MSG: MONO

15 Greek played by Anthony Quinn: ZORBA

16 Badly damaged Asian sea: ARAL

17 *Wall-hidden sliding portal: POCKETDOOR

19 Food truck snack: TACO

20 Prepared (oneself), as for a difficult task: STEELED

21 Planned with little detail: SKETCHY

23 Thanksgiving Day Parade sponsor: MACYS

25 Pedaled in a triathlon: BIKED

26 Trowel wielder: MASON

29 Remove the rind from: UNPEEL

32 Letter-routing abbr.: ATTN

33 "The Bathers" painter: RENOIR

35 Suppositions: IFS

38 Feb. follower: MAR

39 *Serve, as stew: DISHOUT

40 Old Prizm maker: GEO

41 Sports drink suffix: ADE

42 Wedding venues: ALTARS

43 Back in the day: THEN

44 Writer Hemingway: ERNEST

46 Like craft shows: ARTSY

47 Sean who played a hobbit: ASTIN

49 Reef explorer's gear: SCUBA

52 Split, as the loot: DIVVYUP

55 Oyster season, so they say: RMONTHS

59 "Would __ to you?": ILIE

60 Together, and a hint to both parts of the answers to starred clues: SIDEBYSIDE

62 Above: OVER

63 Gladden: ELATE

64 "My treat": ONME

65 Wood cutters: SAWS

66 Meal with matzo: SEDER

67 "Downton Abbey" employee: MAID


1 Rascals: IMPS

2 Laugh-a-minute: HOOT

3 __ and for all: ONCE

4 Critters hunted in a 2016 mobile app: POKEMON

5 Ancient Mexican: AZTEC

6 Hot spiced drink: TODDY

7 "__ y Plata": Montana motto: ORO

8 Wall St. deals: LBOS

9 Small songbird: LARK

10 McDaniel of "Gone With the Wind": HATTIE

11 *Fixture on a ceiling rail: TRACKLIGHT

12 Papier-__: MACHE

13 Frank __ Wright: LLOYD

18 Panache: ELAN

22 Movie critic Roger: EBERT

24 Broad-brimmed beach bonnets: SUNHATS

26 Cry from a crib: MAMA

27 Just barely: ATAD

28 *Google Maps option: STREETVIEW

30 American-born Jordanian queen: NOOR

31 Name of 12 popes: PIUS

33 Really anger: RILE

34 Appraisal amts.: ESTS

36 Professional charges: FEES

37 PlayStation maker: SONY

39 "__ Boy": Irish song: DANNY

43 Narrow window: TRANSOM

45 Mississippi and Missouri: RIVERS

46 "It's __!": nursery cry: ABOY

47 Pablo's parting: ADIOS

48 Thriller writer Daniel: SILVA

50 Minos' kingdom: CRETE

51 "Raw" pigment: UMBER

53 Applications: USES

54 Heap: PILE

56 Singer Turner: TINA

57 Port on many TVs: HDMI

58 Start of a flower: SEED

61 Family man: DAD

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